We have a very exciting episode tonight at 7 Pm eastern on Fighting the Tyranny with Michael and Melissa. We will cover all relative news and headlines of the day and bring back Lori-ann Kellet of the Lucid Libertarian segment. Lori-ann always brings some very formative headlines to the show as we pull up a chair to the virtual roundtable and discuss the news. Melissa Hansbarger will be debuting her “Homesteading on a Prayer” segment tonight as well. Listen in weekly as she picks a few tips and tricks of homesteading and prepping to cover in detail.

We are very excited to have Kingsley Edwards, creator, and owner of the social media platform, Flote, on to talk with us about big tech censorship, how he got into Flote, and where he sees the platform going in the future. Join the conversation by calling the call-in number at (516) 590-0367. Press 1 on your keypad and that will put you in the caller’s queue if you have a question or comment for us.

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You can find Fighting the Tyranny on Tuesdays at 7pm ET/4pm PT! You can also listen in by visiting our Christian Patriots Radio page. We also invite you to call into the show by dialing 516-590-0367. You can either listen in, or you can press 1 to be in the queue to talk live on the show.

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