Join Melissa and Michael for another episode of Fighting the Tyranny this Tuesday at 7PM on the Christian Patriots Network! We do not have a guest this week so we thought we would have a virtual roundtable talk about the division in America, the blatant corruption and tyranny plaguing the political system, and the economy and economics of the Republic. We will go over the stimulus bill and many other headlines and topics of the day. Coming soon to the show will be a short but continue running segment on homesteading and prepping from Melissa Hansbarger. Stay tuned to future episodes for tips and tricks from her on both homesteading and prepping practices! 

Coming up on future episodes will be shows centered around economic policies and a conversation debating and detailing the difference in money and currency and also worth vs. value. Many exciting things planned at Fighting the Tyranny and we are looking forward to bringing you thought-provoking conversations from the FTT virtual roundtable! Call in to the show live and be a part of the show with Melissa and Michael. The call-in number is (516) 590-0367. Press 1 on your keypad and that will put you in the caller’s queue to come on the show! 

A steady segment at Fighting the Tyranny is Lori-ann Kellet, our Lucid Libertarian at Fighting the Tyranny. Lori-ann brings the news and headlines to the show and we scratch the surface and dive deeper into the truths of the MSM reported the news. Be sure to listen in and help add to the conversation.

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