We got another exciting show lined up for this Tuesday evening! We will welcome back to the show the Lucid Libertarian segment with Lori-ann Kellett. She will give us an update on the China-Russia hacking and several other headlines in the news today! Gun control measures and social media censorship will be among the topics discussed along with the stories she brings to the show! Always a good conversation with Lori-ann the Lucid Libertarian!

My guest for this show will be the producer of the Fighting the Tyranny Radio Show, Melissa Hansbarger. Normally, she is behind the scenes producing the show and helping make the wheels turn but I asked her to be a guest on the show and discuss her expertise in homesteading and prepping. We will be talking about short-term and long-term prepping and the different means and ways to be prepared. Learn what to prep for and how to be fully prepared for any situation whether it be short-term or long-term.

We will also have a segment with Melissa concerning the growing police state in America. So much we have to discuss in this hour and a half episode of Fighting the Tyranny Radio with Michael Howell.

You can find Fighting the Tyranny on Tuesdays at 7pm ET/4pm PT! You can also listen in by visiting our Christian Patriots Radio page. We also invite you to call into the show by dialing 516-590-0367. You can either listen in, or you can press 1 to be in the queue to talk live on the show.

Daniel Crane

Christian Patriots

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