Join us this Tuesday as we welcome former Independent Presidential candidate Joe McHugh to the broadcast. Pull up a chair to the virtual round table as we discuss alternatives to the Federal Reserve and our current economic system along with many other topics. 

Joe’s book, Hijacking America: Liberty Strikes Back is the true story of USMC Officer, Joe McHugh, fighting for freedom from unconstitutional governmental surveillance, entrapment, and obstruction.

Some of his views we will go over on the show is the Patriot Act, Target Based Income, Clean deal, Ending the Federal Reserve and replacing it with a National Credit Union, Supreme court, not EXTREME Courts, balancing the federal budget, and much more.

Also, on the show, we bring back the Lucid Libertarian segment with Lori-ann Kellet. She always brings relevant news stories to the program for us to dive deeper into. Be sure to tune in this Tuesday to at 7 PM eastern to listen live. Call in and be a part of the discussion!

You can find Fighting the Tyranny on Tuesdays at 7pm ET/4pm PT! You can also listen in by visiting our Christian Patriots Radio page. We also invite you to call into the show by dialing 516-590-0367. You can either listen in, or you can press 1 to be in the queue to talk live on the show.

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