Groceries in Houston are being emptied out of stores. Essential supplies are in high demand. The last of bottled water in the picture below created a crowd of people. There is a boil water advisory and with no running water folks are flocking to bottled water. Pray for Texas. Rolling blackouts have been common but some are dealing with three days without running water and power for many residents here in Houston.

Tonight with thousands of citizens across states out of power and an over stressed electric grid, we’re getting a glimpse of future disasters that could be ahead. Texas cities remain lit up for show yet the citizenry has been placed on regimented blackouts. Utility tyranny? Tonight we will be  discussing the opportunity of a dry run this winter storm has provided for us to know where we are prepared and where we are not. Texas alone has shown great weakness in our gri and how we simply are just not prepared to withstand the longevity of very possible disasters especially coupled with government tyranny.

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