The New Way Forward Bill would drastically alter the United States as we know it forever.

As reported by Daily Caller:

“Under the New Way Forward Act, ‘crimes of moral turpitude’ are eliminated entirely as a justification for deportation,” said Carlson. “And the category of ‘aggravated felony’ gets eliminated too,” meaning “there will no longer be any crime that automatically requires deportation.”

Additionally, any crimes that do allow for deportation would require a prison sentence of at least five years.

“According to federal data, crimes like car theft, fraud, and weapons offenses all carry average prison sentences of fewer than five years,” he said. “And that’s just looking at averages. There are people who commit rape, child abuse, even manslaughter and get sentences of fewer than five years. Lots of them. If the New Way Forward Act passes, immigrants who commit those crimes, and receive those sentences, would remain in the country and, of course, they’ll be eligible for citizenship one day, too.”

It allows judges to “nullify” deportation, as they so chose. It also eliminates drug addiction as a reason for deportation and removes the prohibition against people who have been convicted in other country of drug crimes from immigrating here.

“The bill would also effectively abolish all existing enforcement against illegal immigration,” said the Fox News host. “To detain illegal immigrants, ICE would have to prove in court that they are dangerous or a flight risk. But of course, ICE wouldn’t be allowed to use a detainee’s prior criminal behavior as proof of danger. That’s banned. ICE would have to overcome even more hurdles if the detainee claims to be gay or transgendered, if they’re under 21, or if they can’t speak English and an interpreter isn’t immediately available, they get a pass. In other words, it would be much harder to arrest an illegal alien in this country than it is to arrest you. They’re the protected class here. You’re just some loser who’s paying for it all.”

Here is the entire bill: New Way Forward Act H.R. 5383

Globalists have had free reign over most of the world’s governments for over a century. As a consequence of their influences, we have had two World Wars, the Great Depression, the Great Recession which is still ongoing, too many regional conflicts and genocides to count and the systematic oppression of free agent entrepreneurs, inventors and ideas to the point that we are now suffering from social and financial stagnation.

The globalists need open borders to help take down nations in order to use in their one world government. America is one of the last “free” country’s left and they are in overdrive to kill it.

Today, we have the chance to stop this bill and leadership from pushing the globalist agenda. It’s time to organize and help save america from radical communist progressives.

By Daniel Crane

Christian Patriots