Governor Northam, of Virginia, Continues his Attack on the Constitution and Right to Life Days After Americans Rallied

It has only been a couple of days since Patriots across America joined together in Richmond to voice their opposition to the Governor’s attack on the Constitution. Despite this opposition, the Governor continues his assault on freedom rather than listen to his constituents.

Governor Northam and the liberal Democratic Senate and Socialist House of Delegates, continue to go after law abiding citizens 2nd Amendment Rights.

Governor “BlackFace” Northam also decided to go after your 1st Amendment Rights with HB 1627.

HB 1627: Threats and harassment of certain officials and property; venue.

Provides that certain crimes relating to threats and harassment may be prosecuted in the City of Richmond if the victim is the Governor, Governor-elect, Lieutenant Governor, Lieutenant Governor-elect, Attorney General, or Attorney General-elect, a member or employee of the General Assembly, a justice of the Supreme Court of Virginia, or a judge of the Court of Appeals of Virginia. In addition, threats to damage property may be prosecuted in the City of Richmond if the property is owned by the Commonwealth and located in the Capitol District.

The unconstitutional actions don’t stop there. Now the governor is going after innocent life once again.

Life starts at conception, it doesn’t take a degree to understand this. With that being said, why should that life have less rights or freedoms as the individual who decides its very existence?

Here are the list of bills that will be on the docket friday morning, January 24th.

Senate Bill 21, Parental Consent Requirement:

Provision of abortion; parental consent requirement; ultrasound requirement; hospital regulations. Removes the requirement that a pregnant minor seeking an abortion obtain either parental consent or judicial authorization. The bill removes the requirement that a pregnant woman seeking to obtain an abortion undergo a fetal transabdominal ultrasound prior to obtaining an abortion at least 24 hours prior to obtaining an abortion, or at least two hours prior to obtaining an abortion if the pregnant woman lives at least 100 miles from the facility where the abortion is to be performed. The bill also removes language classifying facilities that perform five or more first-trimester abortions per month as hospitals for the purpose of complying with regulations establishing minimum standards for hospitals.

Senate Bill 635, Right to Reproductive Choice:

Right to reproductive choice. Provides that every individual has a fundamental right to choose or refuse contraception and that a pregnant person has a fundamental right to choose to carry a pregnancy to term, give birth to a child, or terminate a pregnancy. The bill states that the Commonwealth shall not, in the regulation or provision of benefits, facilities, services, or information, deny or interfere with an individual’s fundamental rights, including individuals under state control or supervision. The bill states that any state or local official who is charged with violating provisions of this section shall be subject to an action in federal or state court for injunctive relief and damages. Such action may be brought by any person or entity that may be aggrieved by such official’s actions.

Senate Bill 733, Abortion; Informed Consent; Regulations:
Eliminates the procedures and processes, including the performance of an ultrasound. The provision of specified information, and the offer to review certain printed materials, required under existing law to effect a pregnant person’s informed written consent prior to the performance of an abortion; however, the bill retains the requirement that a physician obtain a pregnant person’s informed written consent prior to performing any abortion. The bill expands who can perform first trimester abortions to any person licensed by the Board of Medicine as a physician’s assistant and acting within such person’s scope of practice or any person jointly licensed by the Board of Medicine and Nursing as a nurse practitioner acting within the nurse practitioner’s such person’s scope of practice. The bill removes a provision classifying facilities that perform five or more first trimester abortions per month as hospitals for the purpose of complying with regulations establishing minimum standards for hospitals.

It’s clear Governor Northam can careless about the constitution and what the majority of Virginians think.

Supporters and defenders of the 2nd Amendment, believers in liberty and advocates for Constitutional Freedoms better understand these are scary times for our liberties.

The Senate Democratic leadership has advanced legislation that would allow authorities to take guns away from citizens deemed dangerous to themselves or others.

The version of SB240 that passed out of committee would grant the government the authority to seize a person’s firearms ex parte. An “emergency substantial risk order” would be issued without a hearing or other opportunity for the target of the order to be heard and present evidence. Moreover, this legislation permits the government to seize firearms based on a weak and nebulous standard of evidence – “probable cause.”

Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oath Keepers answer to these tyrants is simple. Get involved and take back our towns, cities and counties and put people in power who only offer freedom and liberty as the answer. Elect sheriff’s that will uphold and defend the constitution.

Here’s an example of just that. Sheriff Scott Jenkins of Culpepper County devised a unique way to circumvent Democrat gun control plans, proposing to deputize the lawful gun owners in his county, pending background checks, so that his citizens can enjoy the protections of law enforcement and retain their firearms. Jenkins said in a recent public forum that there is nothing legally prohibiting him from pursuing this course of action.

“I’ve talked to a number of sheriffs…There are sheriffs who feel just as strongly as I do about the Second Amendment. They’re good men and women serving the will of the people that elected them,” Jenkins said in an interview, saying that “the time is coming soon” for sheriffs and attorneys to begin realistic preparations for a lawful citizen Second Amendment defense across the state.

For too long now, we have suffered the injustices of a government that has no regard for our rights or our humanity. We have done this to ourselves.

The American people have choose, time and again, to overlook the government’s excesses, abuses and power grabs that fly in the face of every principle for which America’s founders risked their lives.

Remember, there is always a price to be paid for remaining silent in the face of injustice and that price is tyranny.

It’s time to declare your independence from tyranny, America. Get involved locally and make your voices be heard.

“These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.”—Thomas Paine, December 1776

By Daniel Crane

Christian Patriots