Rachael Prescott was expecting twin babies when, at eight weeks, some abnormalities were spotted. It turned out her baby girls were identical twins, and both had Down syndrome. While Prescott calls her daughters miracles, doctors urged her to abort them six times.

“At my first prenatal appointment at around eight weeks, six specialists took turns reviewing the scans and presenting the same results,” Prescott said, according to the Daily Mail. “We sat through similar spiels from each, mystified at their concerns over whether our girls may have Down syndrome, when they without a doubt, did have serious heart defects. Information on navigating their cardiac situation was dwarfed by the push for genetic testing and possible means of abortion. I wanted to explain how far I was from desiring to end my pregnancy, but at that moment I could only sit in silence.”

Though Prescott didn’t want to have an abortion, and was excited at the upcoming birth of her daughters, the pressure to abort continued. Though the heart defects were a certainty, their Down syndrome diagnosis had not been confirmed, as Prescott refused additional testing. When they were born, the baby girls were both officially diagnosed with Down syndrome. But even then, the negativity continued.

Written by Cassy Fiano-Chesser
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