Residents of Genesee County Rally in Opposition to The Green Light Bill

(Batavia, NY) Carl Hyde of Bethany and other residents of Genesee County rallied outside the Batavia, New York, Department of Motor Vehicles in opposition to The Green Light Bill.

The Green Light Bill, which passed the Senate 33-29 was signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, which allows illegal immigrants to obtain a “standard” state driver’s licenses that can be used for identification purposes and to board domestic flights. Most Americans know that this was done by design to interfere with our elections.

As the New York Post reports:

A loophole in the new law granting driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants could allow hundreds of thousands of people to fraudulently register to vote in New York, according to critics, the state Board of Elections and the bill’s own sponsor.

Carl Hyde, a resident of Genesee County, who served in our armed forces had a few words to say.

It’s very clear that corruption in New York is alive and well. Beginning in January, NY Law Eliminates Cash Bail for Many Violent Crimes and Sex Offenses Thanks to Gov. Cuomo and state Democrats.

One thing is clear, the future of New York is at stake on so many levels. The only way to fight this is to hold our elected officials accountable. We need to be voting. We need to be engaging people and politicians on social media. We need to get out in our communities and show these tyrants we aren’t playing games anymore with our God given freedoms.

Daniel Crane

The Citizen Media