On February 16, 2019, citizens and patriots from across Western New York gathered together in Batavia, New York, in front of City Hall to hold a rally for life, liberty, and freedom.

Those with conservative liberty-minded values came together to voice their concerns over the current direction of New York State. Concerns included unconstitutional laws, attacks on the Constitution and Bill of Rights, high taxes, abortion and the recently passed Reproductive Health Act, attacks on faith, attacks on the free press, and globalism.

Bill Fox, one of the organizers and President of Genesee County SCOPE, Shooters Committee on Political Education, said the purpose of the rally is not that we are against government, but rather we are against too much government into every aspect of our lives. The rally was to remind people that we are all born with liberties, or freedoms, and how we morally and ethically live out those liberties defines us and the people we connect with. Our liberties are attacked everyday and to see different groups united at the rally reminds us that there is a possibility to unite to reach our main goal of freedom.

The rally also included a few speakers who spoke on various liberty-related topics. Speakers included Andrew Hollister the former Libertarian candidate for Lieutenant Governor of New York State and CEO of Simple Tech Innovations. His message focused on staying and fighting for New York. The problems of New York will follow you even if you move out of the state.

Bruce Balduf of Calvary Baptist Church, Batavia, New York encouraged everyone to humble themselves and turn from their wicked ways in order to point others in the right direction.

Donna Naedele of My Father’s House Church in Elma, New York, spoke on the fight to abolish abortion.

Brian Krawczyk of Wyoming County SCOPE, Pastor Dom Secchioroli of Total Breakthrough in Buffalo, New York, and Ayesha Kreutz, former president of the Frederick Douglas Foundation, were also speakers at the rally.

Those who attended the rally also marched down to Planned Parenthood where they prayed that it would be shut down.

Rally attender, Nancie Naedele Orticelli, said about the event: “Even though people may say rallies and protests may not do any good, in my opinion it sends a clear message that we are here, we are united and we are not alone. It creates a sense of solidarity and motivation to take a stand. I will never be like the Jewish people during the holocaust. I will always have a way to defend myself and my children against a tyrannical government, wether it’s legal for me to or not.”

Daniel Crane, one of the organizers of the rally and founder of Christian Patriots Network, had these words to say: It’s time for Americans across the country to start holding rallies like this. Today American’s minds are focused on themselves. Americans are focused on entertainment, football, reality television, sex, drugs and money.  We care more about the stuff that does not matter. Americans should be concerned about Personal Liberty and Natural Rights, programs like Agenda 21 which are meant to destroy any sovereignty we have. Americans should be concerned about Common Core, the Patriot Act, the NDAA and many other issues that will have devastating consequences if gone unchecked, which they have. I hope our children will be blessed to be free enough to want to know what we did to fight while our rights were being auctioned off by politicians. I know I want to have a very good answer for them!

“It does not take a majority to prevail but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.”

Samuel Adams

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Written by Daniel Crane

15 thoughts on “Western New Yorkers Rally to Set Brushfires of Freedom”
  1. The State of Western NY. You must divide the power of NY state break NYC you can’t not win them over. Form a new state .

  2. You can’t say that you are obeying God and submitting to government if you allow criminals to take over that government who turn right around and force you to disobey God.
    The Bible says in Romans 13 that government is not a terror to good works, but to evil works. So a government is only legitimate when it obeys Gods laws in which case there is no conflict. If that government is a terror to those who do what is right while upholding those who do evil, or if it tries to redefine good and evil, then it does not meet the standard of Romans 13. And yes, our founding fathers would never allow anyone in any position of government who did not openly avow that he believed both the Old and New Testaments of Gods Word.

    1. Absolutely! I would encourage everyone to really did in and study Romans 13 and you will clearly walk away with the understanding you just mention. Pastor Chuck Baldwin out of Montana has some good books on his study through the book and chapter. Thanks for sharing your insight!

      1. So when your pastor comes back from the latest seminar that trains him to teach his congregation to cooperate with the latest government genocide plan, he will then likely act like he doesn’t know what you are talking about if you ask him about such things. He will then tell you that Paul wrote Romans chapter 13, which tells us to submit to government while Paul was under one of the cruelest and most tyrannical governments of all times. What your pastor will not likely mention is that Paul was in prison for something he said or did that was contrary to the corruption of his day that landed him in prison. If your pastor will still speak to you at that point, ask him if Paul was following the advice he gave in Romans 13 and if obeying the government is what got him put in prison. Or if you would rather wait until everybody with a backbone has already been reported to the psyops agents by their mainline pastor you can just wait until you are the only one left to stand by yourself.

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