Facebook just took down a post by the Ann Frank Center for “violating community standards.” The post in question discussed the importance of Holocaust education and contained a historical image of starving Jewish children, unclothed. An identical post was also shared via Twitter, but only one social media giant saw fit to ban history: Facebook.

The censored post by the Anne Frank Center (AFC) read, “These numbers are alarming, but this is why we do what we do. Currently only 10 states mandate Holocaust and Genocide Education. How do we counter ignorance about the Holocaust with knowledge, compassion, and understanding?

After Facebook removed the post from their website, serious backlash ensued. The company has since walked back on the ban, and restored the post — but not before the news of their attack on history spread far and wide. The AFC was understandably angry with Facebook’s blatant censorship.

After being called out, Facebook issued an apology and stated, “We don’t allow nude images of children on FB, but we know this is an important image of historical significance and we’ve restored it. We’re sorry and thank you for bringing it to our attention.” Facebook did not confirm if the image was flagged by an algorithm or a person, according to Business Insider.

A spokesperson for AFC told Business Insider that the organization accepts Facebook’s apology. “We understand the difficulty in assessing the context of potentially controversial content. That said, it shouldn’t have taken us publicly calling out Facebook to restore our post. Hopefully, Facebook can revise their protocols,” the spokeswoman stated.

“If Facebook is serious about its community standards it should start tackling Holocaust denial and not the organizations who are trying to educate people on discrimination, facts, and history,” she continued.

In another statement, AFC admonished Facebookfurther:

Holocaust denial dehumanizes people. It makes thousands feel unsafe. It violates the very standards Facebook lays out for it users. Yet these hate-filled propaganda pages remain.

We have written to Facebook previously offering to work with them to tackle the spread of Holocaust denial and hate on its platform and to promote education.

If Facebook is serious about its community standards it should start tackling Holocaust denial and not the organizations who are trying to educate people on discrimination, facts, and history.

Facebook has consistently come under fire for sanctimoniously banning ads, videos and pages for “violating community standards” that are never actually articulated. Earlier this summer, a political campaign ad by California conservative Elizabeth Heng was banned by the social media behemoth for multiple violations. The video contained footage of the Cambodian genocide, which is an integral part of Heng’s background — this footage is what Facebook said was offensive and “too shocking.”

Facebook also prohibited pro-life ads this year for being “too controversial” — yet Planned Parenthood is banned. If it doesn’t fit the left-wing’s narrative, it simply won’t be tolerated.

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Written by Vicki Batts

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  1. Facebook, Amazon and Google routinely try to silence anyone who calls for open debate of the holocaust. For some people, the so-called holocaust is religious dogma and cannot be questioned, and the Jews (alleged eye witnesses to mass murder) would never, could never lie. Millions are now looking at the one single historical topic that cannot be questioned and are learning for themselves that the official story was debunked in the late 1970s by former concentration camp inmates.

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