Traffic resumes on a muddy road after the water receded in Mumbai on August 30, 2017, following heavy rains that brought major flooding to the coastal city. © Punit Paranjpe / AFP

More than 1,400 people have been killed across India, Nepal and Bangladesh as the region suffers the most devastating flooding in a decade.

Hundreds of towns and villages have been submerged by the devastating floods which have now persisted for over two months, affecting an estimated 40 million people.

Tens of thousands of people have taken refuge in relief camps that are short of food and vulnerable to disease.
The head of a South Asian regional body, launched this year to boost disaster coordination, said the flooding underlined the poor planning, Reuters report.

A woman wades through a flooded village in the eastern state of Bihar, India August 22, 2017. © Cathal McNaughton / Reuters

“The floods this year have exposed the urgency for (South Asian) nations to work together to deal with natural disasters,” said PK Taneja, of the India-based SAARC Disaster Management Centre.
Monsoon season causes widespread flooding every year across South Asia.

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