In an exclusive telephone interview with, noted Clinton author Ed Klein affirmed the reliability of his source for the story he publishedyesterday that the Justice Dept. has reopened the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information on her private email system while she was secretary of state, and is considering offering her a plea bargain if she were willing to plead guilty.

Klein’s reporting suggests President Trump’s harsh criticism of Attorney General Sessions may have prompted the Justice Department not only to begin an investigation of criminal leaks, but also to reopen an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

“My source is the golden standard of sources,” Klein insisted. “The lawyer who is my source is closer to the Clintons than anybody.” asked Klein if he considered it likely Hillary Clinton would accept a Justice Department plea bargain, if one were offered.

“In my view and in the view of my source, it is highly unlikely – almost zero – that Hillary Clinton being Hillary Clinton will accept – if it were offered, and it has not yet been offered – a plea bargain,” Klein answered.

“She’s just not that kind of person,” he continued.  “Even though legally speaking a plea bargain might clear the decks quicker, in the sense that she would then presumably not be prosecuted for anything, she’s the type of person who fights every inch of the way against every possible attack that has been launched against the Clintons for the last 30 years.” asked Klein if he could confirm rumors circulating in New York City that the Justice Dept.’s Eastern District of New York in Brooklyn had been interviewing Clinton Foundation officials, in a yet unannounced investigation in which key Clinton Foundation operatives were being offered use immunity in exchange for testimony.

Klein said he had no information that would confirm the Justice Department had opened up an investigation into the Clinton Foundation. followed up by asking if a plea bargain on the email scandal mean the Justice Department would give the Clintons a pass on investigating Clinton Foundation alleged improprieties.

“My understand, but this is interpolation, not reporting, is that the preliminary discussion of a plea bargain would make Hillary immune to prosecution on any and all counts,” Klein said, cautioning that he did not have this fully confirmed.  “My assumption is that Hillary would plead guilty on the email charges, but in return, the Justice Department would agree not to prosecute her.”

But Klein was not sure how far a plea bargain deal would extend.

“If the agreement not to prosecute Hillary would extend to other issues, for instance, lying about Benghazi, or doing ‘pay-to-play’ deals with foreign government or business contacts in return for contributions to the Clinton Foundation, or Bill Clinton getting these exorbitant fees as a return favor for something Hillary did as secretary of state – I don’t know for sure if a plea bargain would extend this far – I assume it would, but I don’t know for certain,” Klein responded.

Klein told that all of former FBI Director James Comey’s files on the Clinton email investigation have been transferred from the FBI’s headquarters in the J. Edgar Hoover Building in Washington to the Justice Department offices.

“It’s a huge story and I am utterly confident of my source,” Klein insisted  “I have double and triple checked.  I have used this source before on many other occasions in writing books and he’s always proved totally accurate.”

Klein expressed dismay the mainstream media have not picked up this story to begin querying the Justice Department.

“My guess is the Justice Department’s response would be ‘no comment,’” Klein said.  “And I’m equally confident the Clintons would dismiss the entire story as without basis, but that response would be the response from the Clintons that I would anticipate.  The Clintons lie through their teeth.”

Written by Jerome Corsi


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