How is Donald Trump’s Decision to Attack Syria an American First Decision? 

The George Soros Globalist Cabal has taken of the nation once again and Donald J.Trump is doing their bidding. Is it to late to awaken Donald Trump to his error? Donald Trump literally changed phycologically in a matter of a few days and that speaks volumes. Make no mistake that the rebals, aka ISIS and Al-qaeda in Syria are bought and paid by George Soros and the Globalists to take down the sovereign nation.

Those who support the air strikes in Syria: 

– President Trump
– President Obama 

– Chuck Schumer

– Hillary Clinton

– Nancy Pelosi

– John McCain

– Lindsey Graham 

– Marco Rubio

– Mitch McConnell

– Mainstream media outlets 

– Neo-cons

– Liberal warhawks

– Al-Qaeda 


– CIA 

– People who don’t know Syrian “rebels” used Sarin nerve gas on civilians in 2013.

Wake up America! The Globalists are getting us ready for an orchestrated World War. 

Please join Daniel and Chris for a brief introduction as we leave you with a clip from Michael Savage on The Savage Nation. 

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