Government-Funded terrorists strike again. It’s  has been reported that ISIS has captured 200 children and is promising to use them as human shields for upcoming terrorist attacks.

ISIS have reportedly kidnapped almost 200 children to use as human shields in the battle for Mosul.

The Iraqi Observatory for Human Rights said 197 children had been taken hostage by the terror group near the Al-Nuri mosque where ISIS declared its caliphate nearly three years ago.

Elsewhere today Iraq’s prime minister Haider al-Abadi boldly claimed the terror group will be defeated ‘within weeks’ in the country.

He told Fox News: ‘At the moment we are at a very important juncture where Daesh is on the retreat. We in Iraq have been killing Daesh, removing them from our land. We are killing their aim so that recruits are minimal at the moment.

‘In Iraq the defeat is sure, it’s definite. We’ll finish the job in a very short time – it’s within reach…within the next few weeks. We are defeating them militarily…we need the efforts of others to flush them out in Syria and other places.’ The Daily Mail

As the U.S. and its allies continue this “war on terror,” an ill-defined and nebulous “enemy” if ever there was one, Syria and Yemen seem to be bearing the brunt of the violence. Sadly innocent men, women and children are the most frequent victims, suffering unspeakably and dying horrible deaths.

By Daniel Crane 
Christian Patriots 
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