Today we will be covering a mish mash of topics, because who doesn’t like some mash? And to be sure, I will forget to cover something. We will discuss what is going on in Texas with HB 948. My intention was to update everyone last week, since then, there was a hearing by the State Affairs Comittee on the mostly useless House Bill 200. Did you hear about the woman who was arrested for trying to film that hearing? We will talk about the tyrannical treatment of Amy Hedtke and more then that, the dictator type control of the room with which Rep. Byron Cook ruled the hearing. 

There’s a great article co-authored by abolitionists on the Personhood Strategy at (We took a look at the webpage last week. Many abolitionists were once in the fight for Personhood before turning their focus to total abolition. We will briefly touch on the Personhood Strategy as I’d like to discuss it more in depth, in a future broadcast. 

Let’s talk about the Great Commission and abolitionism. Is abolitionism just a ’cause’ that we should not be holding the Church accountable to ‘fight’? Is it the focus of the Church to change the culture or just keep ‘the main thing the main thing’? 

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