Today on Battle Ready Homestead we are going to go over why Christians should be involved in foster care. How to get involved in foster care, and adoption. Also we will be talking about where Christians have failed to do their job and why the government had to step in. But unfortunatly this is now making it extremely hard for Christians to get involved. I will also talk about why we should not allow fear to dictate our choices about foster care.

Join me for what maybe a very contraversal show? Or what may just convince you to open your own home, or at least how to help those around you who are doing foster care.

To listen to the show or the archive, click the following link or listen via phone. Can’t listen live, click the lick at a later date to listen to the archive. The Call-in Line to listen is (646) 668-8952, if you have question and wish to go on the show Press #1, this indicates you want to join the conversation. 

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