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4 thoughts on “The Things The Church Doesn’t Tell You: Live at 7 PM EST Every Friday”
  1. Churches don’t teach God’s inspired word, they teach James the First’s word, through the KJV and Bibles like it. They don’t teach that God said they are all false, and that Jesus taught that they are all “works of the flesh”. God’s word says we are to “flee” from them with all alacrity and speed. Churches are part of the “world”, and Jesus taught repeatedly that we are to be “no part of the world”. These religions are NOT Christian. They are mostly pagan in their teachings and beliefs. They don’t exist to lead anyone TO God, but they lead all AWAY from Him. Participation in any religion of man is to commit spiritual, and physical suicide. It is ONLY to the teachings of Jesus, in the first century, that is a religion. The rest, are what God said, are “false religion”. It is to God’s word alone we must cling for information about God. No religion teaches God’s word. What they DO teach about it is flawed, changed, spun and twisted. They exist to cause our death, and to take our money. If you actually STUDY the inspired word of God, from an ACCURATE translation, you will find these things, all, to be completely true. No religion exists that will teach you any of this. Not a one. None teach the same things as any other one, and none teach God’s word accurately. The word of God teaches what it really means to be Christian, and participating in any of those religions is not it.

    1. Is there anyway I can contact you? I’ve stumbled across some of your posts and I really want more information about what you’re saying. I knew someone a long time ago who told me a lot of the same stuff you are saying and I want to learn more about it.

      1. Sorry, I had a difficult surgery. I only today saw your post. Yes, you will need to send me an email address, and then I will contact you directly. Post it in a reply.

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