This particular article has surfaced several times in the last month on my Facebook newsfeed, and even though the title is catchy—“When Abortion Suddenly Stopped Making Sense” by Frederica Mathewes-Green—I never quite had the time to open it up and read it. Until yesterday. A friend sent the link to me via Messenger with the tag line, “Thoughts?” And my interest became determination. 

So here is the link When Abortion Suddenly Stopped Making Sense out of The National Review. 

And here are my thoughts!

Although the author refers to humans as higher animals and does not follow the true Christ, I did agree with much of what she wrote. Mrs. Mathewes-Green most definitely had a major change of heart, and is right to call abortion a wrong. I am glad that she calls abortion wrong—in that, she is telling the truth! But I quickly found myself scratching my head when reading absolute statements since she was coming solely from a humanitarian standpoint. Yes, she is the wife of a pastor and the self-proclaimed “Khouria” (“Mother”) of the parish they founded, but she did not use one text of scripture in the whole of her paper to state God’s ultimate (and really the only) position on why abortion is evil. To claim anything to be “right or wrong” one must stand firmly on the plain teaching of God’s word. I mean, who gets to decide that it is iniquitous to murder babies in the womb? A doctor that attended an abortion and didn’t like what he saw OR the woman reading his account who became “deeply disturbed” enough to throw off all she had ever held to be true? 
No. It is God Who decides that abortion is wrong—and it is not because abortion is a violent act or that a fetus will fight back at a certain stage in his/her development. It is because God creates and places value on a human life—stamps His own image into every (rape, disabled, unplanned, unwanted, wanted) conceived child—and we are only to agree with His conclusion. God commanded people to, “Do no murder!” (Matthew [19:18]) God hates the hands that shed innocent blood and will not hold anyone guiltless that takes the life of another (Proverbs [6:16]-19)! 

1. It would seem that the author feels she was rather “duped” into the role of activism—pushing for abortion on demand—pushing more and more until abortion was legal up to birth. She claims that at the time of Roe vs. Wade nobody really knew what abortion was and they definitely “knew nothing of fetal development.” Not only do these statements make feminists appear to be mindless followers without the ability (or desire) to think for themselves, it also cleverly removes any need for confession and repentance. She herself contradicted her own statement a couple paragraphs later when trying to make another point: “Everybody knows when life — a new individual human life — gets started.” 

The truth is, no one can say that they “knew nothing” of fetal development. No one can say that they did not know the fetus was human. Although many may have been deceived by feminist rhetoric and emotion at that time (and still today), they were (and are) willingly ignorant (2 Peter 3:5). They wanted abortion to be legal more than they wanted to think righteously regarding their nation’s children. They wanted the right to kill their offspring whenever they felt it would be better for themselves. They may not have known fetal development to the degree we do now, but every single woman (or man) that pushed for legal abortion repressed the truth in unrighteousness because they loved their lusts and hated God (Romans [1:18]; 2 Thessalonians [2:10],12).

2. I thought it was interesting that the author was quick to make note repeatedly that women do not really want abortions. 
“It is a particular cruelty to present abortion as something women want, something they demand, they find liberating. Because nobody wants this.” 

I find this in error. The exceptions do exist (those who are forced without real choice)—but the majority??? To put it plainly, I just spent last Saturday afternoon with a bunch of “the majority” at the Women’s March in Kansas City, MO. And just for the record, they want them—without apology. On January 21st, millions of women marched all over our country to demand the right to kill their children when they please. Through years of going to the Abortion Mills or doing agitation in the public square, I have heard many women scream out vile things like, “I loved my abortion” or “It’s the best thing I EVER did,” or “If I had to, I would choose to do it all over again!” Sadly, these women are idolatrous and live to please only themselves. They love their sin and HATE their children to death. 

3. Mrs. Matthewes-Green stated that the Prolife Movement’s “prime attention is focused on the unborn” and wanted to make sure her reader understood that “it is no bargain” for the woman either! From my perspective, actively involved for 6.5 years now, I have witnessed the Prolife Movement’s focus being primarily on those procuring the abortion more than those who are killed through the abortion. It is of high importance that we get this right. We need not take ANY compassion or sympathy away from a woman considering abortion but we MUST place the utmost care, concern, and compassion—indeed we must place the greatest care, concern, and compassion on her child—the baby in her womb that will die. To place the mother’s needs above her child’s (when her child is slated for murder) is evil! To put more emphasis on the mother, is to do her child a horrific disservice. And it does not honor God. I do believe women are horribly altered and wounded both physically and emotionally because of abortion—it is one of the reasons that I stand at the entrance of Planned Parenthood each week and call out to every mother that walks inside. I do not want her to have the consequences that will surely follow this act of betraying her own flesh and blood. And I do not want her to have guilt before Almighty God. I care most sincerely for her soul and because I care I will tell her the truth, specifically and unashamedly. 

The thing is, she may or may not feel regret when the awful deed is done. She may never experience deep sorrow or even guilt over her abortion—but she will answer to God one day for her sin. And that is why I must tell her that abortion is sin! 

Not only must we practically act out our desire to see abortion ended in our country, we must do so in a way that is righteous! The Prolife Movement revealed that their eyes were not on the real victim (as fully as they should be) when the first prolife law was submitted. Not one of the 200+ prolife laws callabortion “murder” and all of them forsake children to some degree or another. Some laws secure the death of those who do not yet have a heartbeat, some allow for the murder of those whose father was a criminal, and still others give the mother legal right to kill her baby because of its age. It is not that incremental laws are “not doing enough,” it is that, according to scripture, these laws are unjust! 

The author has great insight in regards to future generations looking back in disgust at anyone who promoted, preformed, or participated in abortion (when abortion is abolished) in the same way that we look back on the Nazis and slave owners today. Monsters. The fact is, I want my generation to become disgusted with the murder of the innocent right now! And that is why I stand squarely and solely on the word of God as an abolitionist—seeking to bring the truth into conflict with child sacrifice right now, right here—with the cashier at Wal-Mart, the random stranger at the gas pump, and the waitress at our favorite restaurant until this evil practice of child sacrifice is made unlawful in our land.

Written by Deana Myers

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  1. Humans, with their fallen or flawed nature, cannot be the source of an objective moral code. They must look outside themselves for that and accept and live by a God-given moral code.

    What science now tells us about when life begins (at conception) is In accord with God’s moral code.

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