​15 years ago, I almost lost my wife and son. My wife became very sick and we had to decide to terminate our son to save my wife. Fortunately for us, God saved them both.
10 years ago my wife had a foot surgery that later caused her to become disabled with a nerve disorder almost twice as painful as child birth called RSD  We had custody of our niece and nephew at this time.Shortly after this surgery we had a house fire and lost everything we owned.
For 9 years my beautiful daughter and I were kept apart (age 3-12). This summer will be 6 years since we were reunited and I was granted custody

A few years ago my wife was rear ended while sitting still at a red traffic light. This accident made her condition worse and our medical bills soared. 

Life has many ups and downs. The one constant in our lives is our Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus. He gave us a powerful story to tell. How to seek Him, how to honor Him, how to trust Him. 

No matter how dark your life may look, never lose focus from our Heavenly Father. He will see you through it all. 

I have shared our story many times. Even though I have spoken our story many times and watched our video many times, God shows me something new.

This video isn’t just about us. It is a powerful story about God’s grace. How he took a heart of stone and made it what it is today. I pray our story will be a light for you in your time of need. To help you keep focus on our Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus. 

To my beautiful wife Chass Terranova Barker, I love you more and more with each passing day. Thank you for having the courage to walk out of that abortion center 15 years ago. I love you with all my heart.

Ezekiel 17: 1-2 The word of the Lord came to me: Son of man, propound a riddle, and speak a parable to the house of Israel

Written by Kirk Barker

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