Representative Tony Tinderholt was placed under the protection of Texas Department for Public Safety on Monday, January 30th, after receiving threats to end his life. These death threats are in reaction to his bill to abolish abortion in the state of Texas. 

“Representative Tinderholt and his family have received multiple death threats leading to his family being placed under DPS protection on multiple occasions,” Micah Cavanaugh, Tinderholt’s chief of staff, said in a statement Monday. “Specifics to the threats cannot be discussed due to an ongoing investigation, and we do not intend to speak on behalf of law enforcement.” The Texas Tribune 

Tinderholt started receiving these type of threats after he filed the Abolition of Abortion in Texas Act on January 11th. House Bill 948 seeks to apply the laws that are already in place regarding homicide, to every human. If HB 948 were to become law, both abortion providers and women who have abortions could be charged with murder.

Of course, those demanding the right to keep abortion legal are livid over such a proposal. They are taking to social media and to the streets to show their disdain over HB948. 

“This cruel bill is the most extreme measure we’ve seen at the Texas Legislature,” Heather Busby, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Texas, stated earlier this month. “It takes away a pregnant person’s legal rights and could open up to investigation and prosecution of anyone who has a miscarriage or who seeks an abortion”.

In full rebellion to their God, those created (in His Image) to carry, bear, and nurture the next generation have become a ravenous breed. These women decry objectification while they scream for the right to be sexual objects if they so please. They consume their own children and threaten anyone who would seek to protect and defend the most vulnerable. They laugh in the face of any compassion shown to their own flesh and blood and resort to absurdity when faced with truth. As God’s word testifies, “They glory in their shame” (Philipians [3:19]).

It is quite interesting that we have not seen this type of harassment upon legislators who have put forth bills of incrementalism—restricting abortion by protecting only certain babies due to gestational age and development, or treating abortion like it is undesirable healthcare. Tinderholt’s HB948 goes straight for the heart of the matter—it calls abortion homicide and will criminalize the act of child sacrifice. Although it will not eradicate evil or keep those determined to kill their children from doing so, it will protect by law all persons (no matter their size or location), bring justice to those who are slain, and judgment to those who took the life of the innocent.

And it has caused quite a stir.

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Written by Deana Myers

Christian Patriots

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