​I am unashamed of my narrow-minded opposition to killing humans regardless of whether they are born, unborn, big, small, black, white, male, female, weak, strong, wealthy, poor, planned, unplanned, wanted, or not!
As a woman, as a Christian, and as an abolitionist I will speak against those who would gather to march for their own rights while treading on the rights of their children.  Those who rally to fight for the right of an abortion are standing in complete opposition to “the most marginalized among us”—selfishly and hideously they rally to murder their offspring whenever they are disposed to do so.  As they demand the right to kill their children, I seek to obey Christ by exposing this great evil and will do all I can to see this holocaust ended!  

It does not make a strong woman stronger to stoop to the pathetic level of championing human abortion to make her feel she has finally been heard!  She has been dooped into thinking that she must laugh at the face of the 60 million innocent preborn babies slaughtered and yet show utmost compassion to every other human who is being oppressed on this planet!  If she has to fight for her equality by joining forces with those who rally for the death of her own children, she is the greater fool.  
Dear fellow American women, repent of this sin.  Stand for the equality of all women, born and preborn.  Abortion is not healthcare, it is homicide.  
Please, rally to be heard.  Stand against the evils of our day. Stand against those who would seek to oppress and dominate you.  In doing so, however, do not become particeps criminis in the domination of another. 

Written by Deana Myers

Christian Patriots

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