The testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple (Psalm 19:7b, ESV).

God speaks to us through all He has created and all He has written. Psalm 19:7 is a prompt to consider the faithfulness of Scripture in moving us from ignorance to wisdom.

The word testimony depicts God as witnessing to Himself. While we can learn from other believers’ experiences, this is the Lord Himself taking the witness stand, testifying, This is who I am. This is what I’m like. This is what I will do. God is not required to tell us about Himself, but He does. And His love for us ensures that He reveals what we need to know.

This verse also affirms that the Lord’s self-revelation is sure—dependable, durable, and trustworthy. God’s Word is the real thing and consistent with His character.

But we all share a common setback. We aren’t just stubborn and hardhearted, we’re naïve and foolish. We’re simple. And the testimony of the Lord is so sure, it makes wise the simple.”  The word simple alludes to an open or unguarded mind—a hallmark of someone easily led astray.

A simple mind is like a house with the front and back doors wide open. An idea strolls in and is embraced without question. Then another thought blows in, and the simple person pins their hopes on the latest featured guest, acclaimed author, or self-help program. This simple mind can’t discern what matters, because it doesn’t have the capacity to feel the weight of what is wise and substantive vs. light, fluffy, and foolish.

In contrast, a wise mind opens judiciously, discerns the value of ideas, and embraces godly wisdom. The testimony of the Lord is so sure, it can transform a foolish, vacillating, undiscerning person into a wise and stable one.

Written by James MacDonald

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