Join us as we take a consistent look at Invitro Fertilization and how it relates to the bible. 

We resume our 3 part series, IVF: Our frozen holocaust. We will continue to promote the album by Lovejoy, ‘The Snow is Red’. 

Recaping our discussion with Josh and Casey Malone from PT 1 of our series. They shared their touching journey through embryo adoption and how they came around to see IVF as the mistreatment of so many individuals. 

We have 2 very special people joining us on today’s show, Toby and Sisleigh Harmon. We will talk about their experience through embryo adoption, the joy and heartache. Discusisng how they went from being active abolitionists of human abortion to seeing IVF as our frozen holocaust. We attempt to answer the question, how do we begin looking at the treatment of tiny image bearers, often abandoned in freezers, with consistent logic? What is our duty as Christians and how should the church be responding to the victimization of these children? 

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By Rachel Haggerty

Christian Patriots

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