176,000 Gallons of Oil Spilled at North Dakota Pipeline

Image Credit: Reuters. A pipeline in North Dakota spilled over 176,000 gallons of oil before it was shut down, state officials say. The spill happened 150 miles from the Dakota Access pipeline protests, with thousands of people rallying against the construction for months.

The data initially came from the state’s Department of Health spokeswoman Jennifer Skjod.

The last week’s blizzard in the area hampered the efforts to assess the damage, and the authorities “have no estimate on when or if it will be operational,” Skjod said as quoted by The Huffington Post.

It’s not entirely clear what caused the spill, either, according to Wendy Owen, a spokeswoman for the plant’s owner, Wyoming-based True Companies.

The pipeline is partly buried on a hill near Ash Coulee creek, and the “hillside sloughed,” which could have broken the pipeline, Owen told AP.

“That is our No.1 theory but nothing is definitive. We have several working theories and the investigation is ongoing.”

By RT News

Full report at RT News

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