What in the world is abolitionism? Find out here about the ideology that started a grassroots movement to end one of the greatest human miseries to be entrenched in our world.
On this episode of Awake, O sleeper! Radio, we will recap last weeks program about the differences between the Abolitionist movement and Pro life movement. 

Moving right into Abolitionism 101, a deeper look into the ideology that follows in the footsteps of former Abolitionist movements. Throughout history, Abolitionists have risen up in the culture, aiming to end the evil of that age. Think infanticide in Ancient Rome, the Jewish holocaust and slavery. 

Abortion is our holocaust. We will discuss the principles and modes of abolition. Can you be an abolitionist and not be a Christian? What does the bible say? Is it more important to “save souls” then “save babies”? 

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By Rachel Haggerty

Christian Patriots

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