Trump Names Neocon as Senior Adviser on National Security?

When Trump supporters chanted “Drain The Swamp,” one naturally comes to the conclusion that they were looking for a change. They wanted Trump to dismiss the failed ideas and political players who espoused them. This makes Donald Trump’s selection of James Woolsey as a Senior Advisor on National Security look like a very curious move.

A few months ago The Intercept did a profile on Woolsey. Here are some key excerpts:

Woolsey, who left the CIA in 1995, went on to become one of Washington’s most outspoken promoters of U.S. war in Iraq and the Middle East.

Aren’t these the wars that Trump campaigned against?

Woolsey, by contrast, was a key member of the Project for the New American Century — a neoconservative think tank largely founded to encourage a second war with Iraq. Woolsey signed a letter in 1998 calling on Clinton to depose Saddam Hussein and only hours after the 9/11 attacks appeared on CNN and blamed the attacks on Iraq. Woolsey has continued to insist on such a connection despite the complete lack of evidence to support his argument. He also blames Iran.

Weeks before the invasion of Iraq, Woolsey called for broader war in the Middle East, saying “World War IV” was already underway.

For a thorough look at the workings of the Project for the New American Century, please watch the incredible documentary by Robbie Martin titled A Very Heavy Agenda.

Woolsey has also put himself in a position to profit from the wars he has promoted. He has served as vice president of Pentagon contracting giant Booz Allen, and as chairman of Paladin Capital Group, a private equity fund that invests in national security and cybersecurity.

Didn’t millions of Americans just watch Clinton Cash?

Woolsey has previously called for NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden to be “hanged by the neck until he’s dead, rather than merely electrocuted.”

Such a statement needs no further comment, but without the heroic Wikileaks, and others who put their necks on the line to expose the Clinton machine, would Donald Trump have won the presidency?

If Americans wanted neocon advisors, they would have elected Hillary Clinton!

Written by Chris Rossini

Ron Paul Liberty Report

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