Flock of Goats Preparedness with Shepherdess Celeste: Thankfulness & Gratefulness: Join Celeste Live at 6PM MT/ 8PM EST

Tonight Shepherdess Celeste will illuminate living a grateful and thankful life even in times of chaos and trouble.

What is abundance and true wealth?
What does it mean to be grateful and thankful?
How do we cultivate a spirit of gratefulness and thankfullness?
Who are role models that emulate these personality traits?
Bonus:  Tonight Shepherdess Celeste will begin to share some of her seasonal favorite recipes provided in abundance by the Lord’s Provision!

Live at 8 PM EST every Tuesday. To listen to the show, click the following link to listen live or for the archived show at ChristianPatriots.org or listen via phone. The Call-in Line to listen is (646) 668-8952, if you have question and wish to go on the show Press #1, this indicates you want to join the conversation.
By Celeste Bishop

Christian Patriots

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