I am an Aboitionist.

Abolish Human Abortion is an ideology. It is not an organization or a ‘group’ but rather a grassroots movement made up of individuals who share a common ideology. There are local societies across the country (and world) made up of individuals, Abolitionists, who seek the immediate and complete abolition of abortion.

Abolitionists throughout history have always sought to put an end to the great evil of our age. In the 1800’s, Abolitionists brought the sin of slavery into conflict with the gospel. Today we ask, “What does Christianity look like in a culture that practices child sacrifice?” And seek to put our answer into action.

Join us today on Awake, O Sleeper! Radio, as we explore, discuss and help define the major differences between abolition and the pro life movement. How do we bring about right thinking about the sin of abortion? Is abortion all we care about with so many evils in this world? How does the church fit into all of this? Supreme Court? Roe vs Wade? What are your answers to these questions and what questions do you have?

Live at 4 PM EST every Sunday. To listen to the show, click the following link ChristianPatriots.org. Can’t listen today? Click on the same link at a later day and listen to the archive.

By Rachel Haggerty

Christian Patriots

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