Photojournalist Describes Naled Exposure: ‘I Got Showered With Spray From a Plane’

(Editor’s Note: Wow, we feel for Carl. Even the Washington Post is now willing to admit that Zika doesn’t cause birth defects– but Naled DOES.)

Mosquito Control Plane

When Miami Herald photographer Carl Juste decided to get the best possible shot of the mosquito control plane aerially spraying Miami Beach, he knew that meant going out early and getting up somewhere high. So, on September 18th just before 6 a.m. he drove to the top of a parking garage and started taking pictures.

What Juste got to see was a white plane against a black sky with the mist coming out behind. However, officials had said the plane would fly parallel to the barrier island, allowing the wind to blow the pesticide over the area. He realized that since they were actually flying over the city they were going to be pretty close to him. But he stayed and continued to take pictures.

Naled Exposure

When the plane passed over the Royal Palm resort, half a block from where he was standing, he felt the mist and immediately began to cough. But the Naled didn’t just make him cough, it also made his eyes water and he said it tastes like roach spray.

Consequences of Naled Pesticide Exposure

When the spraying stopped he immediately went and washed his hands and that’s when the headache started (he described it as more of a headache you get when you have a hangover- you know, when poison is running through your system). The nausea started then, too. While his headache lasted until Monday the nausea stayed until Tuesday. He also had cold-like symptoms.

Naled Pesticide Dissipation

Dr. Aileen Marty, a Florida International University infectious disease specialist, says that being too close to spraying can be very problematic for those who are sensitive to chemicals- even if they follow official guidelines. However, Naled dissipates quickly, depending on moisture and sunlight, and has a half-life of about an hour (meaning half the original amount goes away within an hour, and 75 percent is gone within two hours). I think that’s supposed to make people feel better about getting doused with dangerous and harmful chemicals. Do YOU feel comforted? I know I don’t.

After his experience, Juste wants to remind people that the morning isn’t the best time anymore to go for a walk. He says, “The chemical’s no joke.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Source: WLRN

Written by Erin Elizabeth

Health Nut News

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