America In Peril

The moral decay in America is becoming pretty hard to ignore these days. We have removed God out of everything. We murder babies by the millions, 3,500 plus each day. Prayer has been taken out of schools, young adults sucker punching the elderly in public, transexual men allowed to use women’s bathrooms and the list goes on. 

Today American’s minds are focused on themselves. Americans are focused on entertainment, football, reality television, sex, drugs and money.  We care more about the stuff that does not matter. 

What we should be caring about, is putting God back in the the center of this nation. Americans should be concerned about Personal Liberty and Natural Rights, programs like Agenda 21 that’s meant to destroy any sovereignty we have. Americans should be concerned about Common Core, the Patriot Act, the NDAA and many other issues that will have devastating consequences if gone unchecked which they have. 

Election 2016 is tomorrow and Americans have a choice to make that will have an effect on the present and future generations. This nation is under judgement for many reasons and it’s well deserved. We the people must hit our knees and repent for our apathy, our ignorance in not being responsible for our nation that’s been conquered by the Globalists. God will forgive us and heal this land once again if we repent. 

If Hillary Clinton gets in office she will do the following:

– she would immediately remove any and all restriction on U.S. funded abortions at home and overseas.

– She will do everything in her power to disarm the American people.

– She will do everything to continue where Barack Obama left off with haveing no national borders. Immigrants including violent criminals from third world countries can walk right on in. 

– She will destroy  America’s traditional Christian heritage would begin to purge Pastors and churches through intimidation and force, into complying with government-mandated laws. 

– She will get us into another big war and continue to aid and fund the globalist made war on terror. 

– She will rip apart and shread what’s left of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. 

– She will evoke evil spirits to flood this nation which will have deadly consequences for many. 

Then there’s Donald J. Trump. a man flawed with many personal issues. A man who is hard to tell if he is who he claims to be. Donald J.Trump recently professed his faith in Jesus Christ and it’s obvious he has a long way to go. He’s a man who has to repent for many things he’s allowed in his life. He’s a man that has to understand this nation must repent and turn back to God before this nation ever recovers from the harvest we’ve sown for the past century. Donald J. Trump has the ability to be used by God to attempt to hault the globalist agenda if he will submit to the authority God has over his life.

Hillary Clinton has a reprobate mind filled with Satanic influence, and that there spells destruction for this nation. Donald Trump still has his mind and can be used for the good of the country. 

I encourage everyone to keep Donald J. Trump in prayer…

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

Written by Daniel Crane

Christian Patriots

7 thoughts on “America In Peril

  1. Blame the gov. controlled/muzzled 501c3 pol. correct “church social clubs” for slacking in their duties to preach real sermons, social and moral issues, like days of old, apostasy rules their nat’l hq, church councils, seminaries also. Only real preaching online is (there may be others) form unregistered churches in private facilities/homes off gov. radar. with small groups. Gov crackdown if H gets elected, spying in churches for hate speech and worse things than closing down bakeries and florist shops, etc. ahead. Soon Hobby Lobby and more conservative 50l churches will be forced to close for speaking out, maybe arresting clergy. We will fall faster than a NY minute into tribulation and Muslim invasions worse than now (like in the EU cursed) under evil witch H.C., big time.The 501 tax ex. is “hushmoney”. Do not incorp. Be free to preach liek days of old.


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