As believers of Jesus Christ, we are called to serve not self serve or be served. The world is like a restaurant we’ve been called to serve in, the food is the Word of God given to us by the owner who happens to also be the Chef which is God Himself.

A servant doesn’t serve whatever they want nor do they add or take away anything from the food given. Servants don’t bring their own food, servants eat the food at the restaurant, all we bring is us, a willing vessel ready to work and serve. We go where we’re guided to go and serve the food given in the word of God.

There should not be any deviation from this duty (Preaching the Gospel). We serve God, we serve the Church and we serve the world, and we must keep on serving in humility and godliness till our Master Jesus Christ returns.

I pray that when He comes, He will find us doing what He commissioned us to do, walk in repentance and fear God, grace and peace.

Matthew [23:11]- But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant. 

Written by Michael Mensah  

Christian Patriots  



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  1. This is so true but so many of us leave it up to others to do. Let today be the day of Salvation saith the Lord! Carpe diem! Seize the Day!

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