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Tonight Shepherdess Celeste will finish up her expose on the new 88 page Medical Martial Law regulation.

We will have a brief review for new listeners and then we will devlve into

The appeal process if you are denied a travel permit.

JUST in:  At the Bundy trial the format for the kangroo court is being used denying you your legal remedies.  Find out how and what you can do.

The contractual agreement that you are forced to sign with the federal government if you are sick.

The wearable technologies and surveillience you will be required to endure.

Who pays the cost for these new regulations?

Data, data everywhere…

What other regulations in play in this Medical Martial Law Regulation.

What are your options and solutions to this monster regulation?

Don’t bury your head in the sand, this regulation will impact your life and cost you fines and jail if you do not comply.

Written by Celeste

Christian Patriots  

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