The hacking of American corporate websites (e.g. Netflix, Amazon, et al), is being sold to the American public as the work of Russian hackers working with the knowledge, support and permission of Putin. Absolutely nothing could be further from the truth. I began to acquire the REAL story about the hacking on Friday evening, October 21, from three separate cover sources that claimed to have all/part of the story. There is so much disinformation in the air right now (e.g. New York Times, Washington Post), I was not about to throw caution to the wind and report on this possibility until I felt I had exhausted all of my sources of information.

A clear pattern of an emerging false flag attack plan is emerging from the current administration. Yes, that is correct, operating under the auspices of the Obama administration, the three waves of cyber attacks were carried out by covert Obama operatives, presumably operating under the order of key figures who pull his strings.

Hillary Clinton’s Debate #3 Admonition of Russian Hacking Was the First REAL Salvo In this PSYOPS Conditioning Process

During the third debate, Hillary Clinton was put on the extreme defensive when debate moderator Chris Wallace quoted from a speech Clinton had previously delivered to NWO-serving Brazilian bankers. Wallace strengthened the sting of his question when he referenced the fact that the quote was reported on by WikiLeaks.

Clinton failed to answer the question, instead she blamed the Russian government for the leaksdue to Putin sponsored hackers. In the most inane defense of herself, ever heard on a Presidential debate stage, she went on to proclaim that “the Russian government has engaged in espionage against Americans, hackingAmerican websites, American accounts of private people and related institutions.Clinton further went on to say that “in an effort, as 17 of our intelligence agencies have confirmed, to influence our election.” That fact has since be debunked by various fact-checkers.

As a momentary aside, Clinton’s answer demonstrated to the world that despite her PUBLIC position, of opposing trade agreements, her PRIVATE position is to fully support them and the loss of tens of millions of American jobs that goes with the practice. Please permit me one more digression. To all Democrats that have children living at home, please consider the following: Any Democrat who supports the lawless, corrupt and morally bankrupt despot, Hillary Clinton, should not hold their children accountable for their actions. Anyone that supports Clinton has given their children tacit approval to lie, cheat, steal and worse.

If Not the Russians, Then Who Hacked American Websites?

Conventional wisdom by former ARSOP, JSOC and cyber experts that I have communicated with all say that the origination point was launched from Ft. Meade and routed through a series of remote VPN servers which leads back to Moscow. Two deep cover sources mentioned Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora, Colorado. I was told that the origination point of the attack could be better hidden if it came from space and if a Russian satellite could be hacked and made to look like the origination point. Buckley is part of the eyes and ears of the US Space Command. Following this, the Russians could be blamed at a later date. It is there that an incubating and incriminating foot print was created that will not be detected by the Russians until it is too late to hidden from the rest of the world.

My Sources Want This Information to Be Released

When I have relied on proven, but covert sources in the past, it has always been my experience that some will not have the answer I am looking for, but some will. Some will be comfortable in telling what they know and some will not. I have never had unanimity on a story before, until now. All of my sources contacted for this story agree on several points:

  1. The Obama administration is undoubtedly the source of the attacks. Nobody believes that this was contracted out to a 3rd party for security reasons.
  2. The attacks are intimately related to the upcoming election. I was told that despite the relentless and mostly baseless attacks on Trump, that the numbers that support Trump are going up. I was reminded that we witnessed this phenomenon during the GOP primary campaign
  4. I have been told to be on the lookout for the mass transfer of wealth by organizations such as Goldman Sachs (GS). GS will have advanced knowledge of the coming economic collapse, by cyber attack, and they will move assets. I reminded my sources that GS moved heavily into gold at the same time as did Buffet and Soros. They said there will still be more movement of wealth transfer. Further, I was reminded of something that I reported on back in 2012. Bank of America and Wells Fargo are insured by the Federal Reserve, courtesy of the US taxpayer. to the tune of $75 trillion each for their exposure to the credit swap derivatives debt. Therefore, a complete collapse of the banking system should be expected in the coming cyber attack. This will be the main trigger to get people to accept war with Russia, because Putin will be blamed.
  5. What order will this happen in? As stated and undoubtedly, the first REAL targets of this cyber false flag, will unquestionably be the banks and Wall Street. However, two of my sources believe that the grid will be the first REAL target and the rest (i.e. Wall Street and the banks) will follow as a matter of course. In my book, it is basically the same effect and it does not matter which comes first.
  6. The cyber false flag attacks this past week were designed to create a Russian footprint in the minds of the American people so when their daily lives are horribly disrupted, we will accept AROL, or Continuity of Government, which is a new form of martial law, without resorting to widespread resistance against the administration. Hillary Clinton’s debate comments against the Russians were no more than a feeble attempt to discredit Trump but the real purpose was to plant the seed in millions of American minds in order to get them to accept the inevitable.
  7. I asked when the war would go nuclear? I was told, very early on in the conflict. There is concern that if too many nukes go off around the planet, we could suffer from nuclear winter in which sunlight is blocked from reaching the earth. Plants will die and the mass of humanity will starve. The chills went down my spine. This is why the criminal elite have dug tunnels under DIA and elsewhere.


Why would Obama do this? Can you say “third term” if Clinton cannot win?

I hope you are all as prepared as possible, the elite are prepared and you should be too. The good news is that we will not have long to wait.

Written by Dave Hodges  

The Common Sense Show  

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