This story is both unbelievable and disgusting- all at the same time.

Though initially reported in 1999, no one seemed to care about the fact that aspartame was made from the waste product of genetically modified E. Coli bacteria (not sure how I missed that info, glad I’m not missing it now) but the info is now available online for those who like staying in the know. Oh and aspartame is made by Monsanto. Enough said, right?

While the patent originally referred to the “cloned microorganisms” it was later revealed that the organisms were genetically modified E. coli bacteria. By modifying them they produce an especially large peptide which is used to create aspartame. The process is simple: once cultivated, they just need to be fed well and then nature takes its course; the bacteria produce proteins which contain the aspartic acid-phenylalanine amino acid segment required, the waste is treated to turn the large peptide and free carboxyl group into a dipeptide, then the dipeptides are treated with alcohol and methanol to create the artificial sweetener. Just like using dirt, water and sun. Right?

Over the last couple of years people’s issues with genetically modified foods, aspartame and Monsanto have continued to grow. And that’s been in large part to the natural community who has spoken up and out against the giant and the “food” they keep trying to feed us. Let’s keep up the good work everyone! Knowledge is power!

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