We are all guilty of sin, we are all born sinners, no good deed can outweigh our sins. Adam committed one but out of that one has come countless unimaginable sins and it’s deadly consequences.

If we read certain scriptures regarding how God feels about sin and and how he views us, many of us would be shocked because we have the wrong view of ourselves.

If you desire to go to Heaven, according to the bible you must confess your sins, repent and turn to Jesus Christ for forgivenes.

You cannot live in sin and think God will overlook it because you’re not perfect and you’re a good person, that’s not gonna fly, hiding your sins and not confessing it to God is the fastest way into Hell. We all need clemency, and only Jesus can show us the mercy we need.

Know this though, without humility and mourning over sin, you will be shown no mercy from God after you die and on the day of judgment, fear God and repent this day, time is running out for everyone:

Proverbs [28:13]- He that covereth his sins shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy.

Written by Michael Mensah  

Christian Patriots  

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