SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Lawmakers in California have passed a controversial bill that criminalizes undercover filming at abortion facilities in the state, sending the legislation now to the desk of Gov. Jerry Brown.

The Planned Parenthood-backed bill, A.B. 1671, passed the state Assembly Wednesday with a 52-26 vote, and moved on to the Senate, where it likewise was approved with a party line vote of 26-13—but not without vocal opposition.

“When ’60 Minutes’ uses a hidden camera and discovers a unique story, it’s called outstanding journalism. But when a private citizen does it and unmasks a very, very unpleasant truth, it’s a call for legislation,” Sen. John Moorlach, R-Orange County, lamented.

As previously reported, Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez (D-Echo Park) proposed the measure earlier this year in light of the undercover videos released by the Center for Medical Progress exposing Planned Parenthood’s provision of baby bodily organs to procurement companies.

Written by Heather Clark  

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3 thoughts on “California Lawmakers Pass Bill to Criminalize Undercover Filming at Abortion Facilities”
  1. Criminals protecting criminals, enabled by 18th-century criminals, canonized by contemporary Christians.
    Had the 18th-century founders (like their 17th-century Christian Colonial forbears) established government and society upon Yahweh’s moral law (including Exodus 21:22-23), infanticide (wrongly termed "abortion") would be all but unheard of and Planned Parenthood would be non-existent:
    "… 3. Every problem America faces today can be traced back to the fact that the framers failed to expressly establish a government upon Yahweh’s immutable morality as codified in His commandments, statutes, and judgments. (Would infanticide and sodomy be tolerated, let alone financed by the government, if Yahweh’s perfect law and altogether righteous judgments were the law of the land? Would Islam be a looming threat to our peace and security if the First Amendment had been replaced with the First Commandment? Would Americans be in nearly as much debt if usury had been outlawed as a form of theft? Would crime be as rampant if “cruel and unusual punishment” had not been outlawed and criminals were instead punished with Yahweh’s altogether righteous judgments? Would we be on the fiscal cliff if we were taxed with a flat increase tax rather than a graduated income tax?)….
    "On February 27, 2009, James Dobson conceded that we have lost the culture wars. This is the consequence of Christians having spent the last two centuries lopping at the rotten branches of our culture’s corrupt tree while watering and fertilizing its roots….
    "We should lop away at the tree’s corrupt branches (infanticide, sodomy, the economy, etc.). However, until the root of these problems is Biblically addressed, we will never shut down the infanticide mills, we will never defeat the sodomites, and we will never fix the economy. In short, we will never win the culture wars. This issue is more than important for anyone concerned about God, our nation, and the future of our posterity, it’s the cutting- edge issue of our day…."
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  2. "Lawmakers in California have passed a controversial bill that criminalizes undercover filming at abortion facilities in the state, sending the legislation now to the desk of Gov. Jerry Brown."
    And Now Murderers. Wake Up; It’s Dead:
    "How the faithful city has become a harlot, She was full of justice !  Righteous once lodged in her, But now murderers."   Isaiah 1:21.
    "Since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children."  Hosea 4: 6.
    And: verse 10: "They will play the harlot, but not increase, Because they have stopped giving heed to Yahweh."
    Is anyone surprised by these morons in the state legislature, the Governor, what they did and what he’s about to do ??
    It’s time for you and all the Constitutionalists to WAKE UP !   Wake up Constitutionalists.  Come on, wake up, wake up Constitutionalists.  Coffee’s brewing.   Take a big whiff Constitutionalists.   You’re just dreaming, Constitutionalists.   The Constitution’s Dead.  Has been for a long time.
    The police are here and they’re searching the house with guns drawn. Warrant?  What’s that?   They don’t need a warrant; just like they didn’t need any for the Boston lock down and home search after the staged Boston event "in search" of their patsy !      They said it had something to do with you not filling in blanks properly when you obeyed your god the state, like the good conquered people you are, and signed up for Obamantion Care.   
    There also gonna send out the SWAT teams because you didn’t pay those fines or are way behind on you student "loans" and throw you into Debtor’s Prison !
    If they gun you down and you die, don’t worry, you can sue in Justitia’s courts; you know, just like the ones that won’t hear the Obamanation’s ineligible to even run, let alone twice and “win” ????.
    And now, they’re not only murdering the innocent while in the womb, THEY’RE SELLING THE BODY PARTS – AND YOU ARE PAYING FOR IT TO BOOT !!   
    Oh, but don’t worry, you can change that come all these up and coming rigged (pre-s)elections.  Come on Constitutionalists, wake up.  Wake up.  Wake up.   Come on now.
    The Manchurian Candidate type, bi sexual puppet, the Obamanation (as well as the “other presidents” over the last century), THE VAST MAJORITY of Congress, all the state legislatures and governors, as well as those that run for those offices, are merely MIDDLE MANAGEMENT and are owned and controlled by those wicked ones that put them there, which is our punishment from The Great I Am for rejecting Him and His Perfect Moral Laws.   
    The sooner we all get a grip on this fact and recognize it, the sooner we can all understand the real problems and get to solutions, beginning with repentance for exulting the god “We The People” instead of The Great I Am and His Law as the supreme law of the land.
    We must turn back to The Almighty and His Commandments, Statutes and Judgments, not “hope” in the god “We The People” and it’s creation called the constitution or this, that or the other Amendment; most certainly not in yet another “contender” for the office.
    What is very difficult for most to realize is that the corrupt system we now find ourselves living under today was inevitable over time.
    Knowingly or unknowingly, the door was established and opened by the Founding Fathers, which many claim were “Christian”.
    The process was allowed to begin when they decided “We The People” should be god (sovereign) and determine what is to be the supreme law of the land.
    The legislative process provided by the various federal and state constitutions was the vehicle used by the enemy to corrupt over time (via gradual increments) and finally take over.
    This nation wanted to determine what was “good and evil” (remember the garden?), instead of enforcing His Perfect Moral Laws.
    Malim in se (evil in and of itself as defined by The Great I Am, the ONLY lawgiver) vs. malim prohibitum (evil because someone determines, or legislates, it to be evil).
    The result: We not only find evil, rotten, Marxist, Edomite Tares (as well as the “Twice The Sons of Hell they proselytized) corrupting the nation , we also find “The Communist Manifesto” and The Ten Planks contained therein, written by the Edomite, son of a Rabbi, Karl Marx, is the system our enemy was allowed to slowly ensnare us with, here in the good ol’ U.S.S.A.
    All 10 Planks of The Communist Manifesto in Full Force In AmeriKa:
    And now it’s morphed into Corporate Fascism.
    That’s just some of the many terrible results of replacing The Great I Am and His Laws, Statutes & Commandments with The god "We The People" and it’s creations of National and State constitutions.
    The only way to save this nation is to turn back to Him, His Perfect Moral Laws, Statutes and Judgments, i.e., His Kingdom/Will On Earth.
    He told us that if His people ” … shall humble themselves (e.g., quit thinking we’re the sovereign, take our proper place and quit usurping His), and pray, and seek my face (e.g., He’s to be the ONLY law giver), and turn from their wicked ways (e.g., seek His Kingdom/Will and promote the enforcement of His Laws, Statutes and Judgments); THEN will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”
    “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, And I will give you rest. Take My yoke (i.e., His Law 1 John 5: 2 & 3, as well as His tithe [tax] system) upon you, and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart; and ‘YOU SHALL FIND REST FOR YOUR SOULS.’ (Jer. 6: 16). My yoke is easy, and My load is light.” Matthew 11: 28 – 30.
    Seek Him while He may yet be found.  The Judgments are surrounding you.

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