According to the recent story from Adam Kredo over at the Washington Free Beacon as shared in the 1st video below from Gary Franchi of the Next News Network, “bigots, anti-semites, and terrorist advocates are spreading hate within the halls of the United Nations with the full backing of the international organization“, just the latest signs that the US needs to get out of the UN, and fast.

While the United Nations and their pursuit of globalism over the last several decades has led to the murders and deaths of a countless number of innocent people around the world, we learn in this new story from Bridget Johnson over at PJMedia that the hypocrite UN High Commissioner for Human Rights is now blaming Donald Trump and the rise of ‘weaponized populism’ for what he warns will turn into ‘colossal violence’ in the future, even comparing Trump and Nigel Farage of the UK to ISIS.

Interestingly enough, according to this story from Foreign Policy, there is a great deal of evidence that the same UN Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Raad al-Hussein, is strongly against the rights of free expression as evidenced by his nation Jordan’s attempt to get the US to criminalize the ‘defamation of religion’. According to this recent story from Susan Duclos at ANP, al-Hussein is also DEMANDING robust gun regulation in America.

Is al-Hussein’s warning that Trump will be responsible for ‘colossal violence’ in the future proof that the UN is preparing to attempt to ‘crackdown’ upon the American people? If not, what ‘colossal violence’ is al-Hussein referring to? The main ‘political violence’ we’re now witnessing here in America is being perpetrated by those who hate Trump and are attacking his supporters and their rights to speak freely and by those who hate America.

Does al-Hussein know something we don’t know? Is his warning of future violence in America another sign thatthe UN is preparing to attempt to ‘disarm’ peaceful, law-abiding American citizens, many possibly Trump supporters, which would undoubtedly lead to those same Americans protecting themselves and their families from the acts of terror being committed upon them by the UN, thus resulting in violence in America? 

The huge majority of Donald Trump supporters who we have communicated with are very peaceful people and want a peaceful world for their children and grandchildren to grow up in and want nothing at all to do with ‘colossal violence’. In fact, most are abhorred by it. What is this globalist really referring to when we warns of ‘colossal violence’? You can hear al-Hussein in the final video below.

We also have to ask, is this man who is now arguing against Donald Trump and ‘nationalism’ simply another TERRORIST in sheep’s clothing, working dilligently to disarm peaceful, law-abiding American people and silence our Rights to criticize and reject thetotalitarian political system of Islam,which has long been masquerading as a ‘peaceful religion’ while being used as a trojan horse to infiltrate and overthrow America and the West?

The fact that the hugely anti-human rights country Saudi Arabia is now at the head of a key United Nations ‘human rights’ panel should tell us a lot about how ‘serious’ the UN is about ‘human rights’. They’re not. Human rights to the UN is nothing but a cruel joke. While taking over this key human rights panel, Saudi Arabia was also planning on crucifying a teenage human rights activist.

As this November 2015 story from Front Page Mag asked,what’s the difference between the UN and an international terrorist organization? Is the UN simply a ‘lobby for terrorists rights’ in their attempt to takeover America and the West? As we have reported time and again on ANP, the United Nations clearly doesn’t have the best interests of peaceful, law-abiding America citizens in mind. Why would the UN allow a country that executes children for activism to take over a key human rights panel if they REALLY cared about human rights?

The mere fact that terror-supporter al-Hussein (who oncepraised ISIS for their ‘ethnic diversity’) is taking it upon himself to attempt to influence the US presidential election speaks volumes. Proving once again that the globalist terrorists who have been working to destroy America will stop at nothing until their goal is accomplished, we find it not the least bit surprising that Donald Trump is absolutely pulverizing Hillary Clinton in a recent poll taken of active duty and former US military members, crushing her by 19 percentage points. It’s clear that US military members have ‘awoken’.

According to this new story from Joseph A. Klein over at the Canada Free Press, US president Barack Obama is now using the UN to bypass the US Senate’s Treaty Consent Authority. Just the latest move by the increasingly out-of-control Obama adminstration to sign away the sovereignty of America to what many warn is a very real ‘international terrorist organization’, we feel the US giving away control of the internet at the end of September is another very dire sign of the direction this is all headed.

According to this Wall Street Journal story, when the US abdicates control of the internet on September 30th at midnight, there’s a very real chance that anti-free speech,sharia-supporting UN may take control over it. Having 100% proof now that our own president is actively working to destroy America while setting us up for a globalist takeover, will Obama and the globalists even allow America to have an election as it’s becoming increasingly clearHillary doesn’t stand a chance, even if her rapidly crumbling health allows her to make it to November?

While the DHS and Jeh Johnson warn of a Russia plot to influence the US election, it’s quite clear to us that any plot to steal the US election will be coming to us straight from the ‘terror-supporting-globalists’ and the UN in their drive to get war criminal Hitlery voted into office so they can continue their pillaging of America and the world. However, as Americans rapidly awaken to the scourge of globalism upon America, just as the British did in their ‘Brexit’, the globalists are becoming more and more desperate to put the final stake in America’s heart before we can get a ‘pro-America’ president into office.

Only an alert, knowledgeable and fully-prepared American people can stop them.

Written by Stefan Stanford

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