The primary message that God has given us the Church to deliver to this world is that, there is forgiveness for sins. Now, it must be understood that in order to receive this forgiveness, one must confess their sin and their desperate need for forgiveness, not from any man but from Jesus Christ The Son of The Living God who alone has The power to forgive.

We must be convicted of our total depravity and inability to produce the type of Holy righteousness that God approves of. So how can anyone be blessed by God with the gift of salvation and eventually enter into his Kingdom? Observe:

Matthew 5:3- Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Do you want to be a citizen of the kingdom of God? Then you must confess to God how spiritually poor you are. Only then will the riches of God’s grace be filled in you along with a new nature. No one can earn Heaven by any good works, our sinful nature runs deeper than good works.

If anyone thinks they can get into Heaven without surrendering to Jesus Christ, they are self deceived and only Hell awaits such a soul.

Satan is a master deceiver, don’t toy with your soul, it will liver forever, either in Hell or Heaven and Jesus is the door everyone who desires Heaven must walk through, fear God and repent, grace and peace.

Written by Michael Mensah

Christian Patriots

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