The government is officially lifting its moratorium to allow the funding of research that involves scientists injecting human stem cells into animal embryos — in other words, the scientific creation of human-animal hybrids.

Via The Washington Times:

Carrie D. Wolinetz, NIH’s associate director for science, announced Thursday in a blog post that the agency is requesting public comment on expanding funding for such research, signaling the end of a moratorium on the experimentation.

Ms. Wolinetz said development of “these types of human-animal organism … holds tremendous potential for disease modeling, drug testing, and perhaps eventual organ transplant.”

“I am confident that these proposed changes will enable the NIH research community to move this promising area of science forward in a responsible manner,” she wrote.

Responsible? Uh-huh. Because, if there’s anything that Jurassic Park taught us, it’s that scientists always know everything that could possibly go wrong when they play God.

The reason the moratorium was enacted in the first place is because officials at NIH were specifically concerned about creating Planet of the Apes style “smart” animals by accident, as previously reported:

The ultimate goal of this is to force animals to grow human organs for transplantation into humans with terminal diseases, but the potential implications here are staggering.

What’s worse is the “concerns” that other scientists have about this practice, things the average person who hears “free organs for sick people” would never even consider. Things like the fact that human stem cells can ultimately become any type of tissue, and according to the National Institutes of Health which released a statement regarding why it was refusing to fund the risky research, might turn into human brain cells that could evolve the donor animal’s “cognitive state”.

Our scientifically forced evolution is here. Human-animal hybrids. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Perhaps from a certain very very old bestselling book?

People in the WA Times comments thought so too… :

Written by Melissa Dykes

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