Even when we lie, we tell the truth, and even when the enemy media tells the truth, they lie.

They lied to us about The Gulf of Tonkin incident and the pretexts to the Vietnam War and millions died.

They lied to us about the casus belli of The Iraq War and millions died.

The toxic tonics they push with contrived data for their big pharma sponsors leave countless victims sickened or killed by the cures.

Everybody knows mainstream media outlets, whose raison d’etre is to speak truth to power, are in reality public relations firms for the powerful and are responsible for the death of millions of innocents.

By regurgitating official talking points and re-enforcing them instead of challenging them, the media is derelict in duty and betraying the public trust.

Obviously, when the corporate/state controlled media is sponsored by multi-national corporations, banks, drug companies and defense contractors, they cannot report honestly on the policies of these institutions.

Goebbels said, “A media system wants ostensible diversity that conceals actual uniformity.”

We saw vulgar displays of this methodology during the run-up to the Iraq War.

The media breathlessly warned us that “The mushroom clouds were coming” and Saddam had ties to Al-Queda and W.M.D.s!!

Two retired generals on the Pentagon’s payroll would be “debating” the merits of an invasion on cable news channels.

Where was the opposition?

The voices of peace or those who exposed the pretexts as manufactured were marginalized, branded as unpatriotic or even worse.

I worked for the presstitute media for many years and have seen the propaganda machine at work first hand.

The same media that is now desperate to discredit alternatives to their stronghold on information.

Working for both alt media and establishment media, I know that alt media is far from perfect, but the desire to uncover the truth is genuine.

Their mainstream counterpart does not share this goal.

How shameless that the establishment shills, whose lies have resulted in the death of millions, relentlessly demonize and ridicule alt media sites such as this one.

How dare the enemies of truth, compassion, complexity, and unity attack those of us who are seeking to reclaim the narrative?

The enemy media perverts language and presents us with paradigms designed to appeal to our reptilian brains and keep us living in the lowest realms of our psyche.

Their hate and fear training promotes murderous, dehumanizing agendas and their body count is incalculable.

By contrast, how many people have died from the information spread from this alternative news platform?

How many wars have been launched?

I always naively thought that most people would value and seek out the truth.

I thought that when the lies that took us to Vietnam and Iraq were exposed that people would give a closer and more skeptical inspection of the pretexts that are contrived to manufacture our consent to the next war.

I thought that people would see through the discredited propaganda techniques used to exploit our fears and atavistic tribal instincts by the war makers.

People would surely see the same perverse playbook is used again and again to convince us that the immoral, irrational and counterproductive solution of war is a moral, rational and effective way to solve problems, right?

As an infamous war maker once said “I got it wrong.”

The influence of mainstream media may never be fully exorcised from the world, but there are signs of hope.

The power of the alternative media is growing and there is an awakening.

One obstacle is the ubiquitous nature of official media.

If you are at an airport or hotel bar or even a Jiffy Lube, the default channel regurgitating spin is probably CNN.

You can’t hide from it, but you can educate others about it.

My eleven-year-old son can instantly spot a hit piece or controlled opposition.

I’m sure if you are a fan of this site, then you have similar powers of discernment, but does your mother?

Your father?

Your co-worker?

It’s incumbent upon us, those who see behind the curtain, to deprogram our friends and family.

If we do not suspend our belief in all propaganda, we are accomplices to the crimes of the establishment and will continue living in the shadows instead of the light.

Written by Anthony Freda


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