The signs of the last days since the ascension of Christ has been on the gradual increase, our world doesn’t get any better it gets worse just as Christ predicted it would. When the people of the world say “peace and security”, it’s short lived then sudden calamity strikes.

It’s not just one isolated event either, it’s wars and rumors of wars, nation against nations, pestilences, natural disasters, a slew of religious deceptions and false Christs, mens hearts grow wicked, indifferent, cold and sacrilege daily, morality has turned to relativity, we’ve become those who approve evil rather than rebuking them, many of us in the church lack self discipline, we are worldly which God hates, we are self centered, we lack discipline in  the study of God’s word, the misinterpretation of scripture is at an all time high, we are lukewarm, repentance is rare, no wonder salvation is by Grace alone and faith alone.

Jesus Christ is about to wrap up and harvest this world, you can only be wheat or tare, you will either be gathered into the barn (Kingdom) or like chaff be gathered to be burned, think very seriously about this, time is short and your life is not your own because “The LORD giveth and The LORD taketh”, I say this all the time and I mean it, you don’t come back from death, this gospel ain’t no joke either, only Jesus Christ saves, repent while there is still time, FEAR God and be wise, only a fool says there is no God.

Written by Michael Mensah

Christian Patriots

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