Jesus indicated that those who pursue riches and cling to it, their chances of going into Heaven is less than slim, a camel Jesus says has better chances of walking through the EYE of a needle than the rich going into Heaven, sheesh.

Make no mistakes, there will be rich Christians in Heaven like David, Solomon, Joseph of Arimathea etc…. most notably is my man Zaccheus, A Chief Tax Collector, very Rich no doubt.

He hungred for Christ and desired to see Him, but Jesus was ALWAYS surrounded by massive crowds and Zaccheus being a short man couldn’t see Jesus so He ran ahead and climbed up a tree to get a better look at Christ. Zaccheus earnest desire to see Christ did not go unnoticed, Jesus told him to come down from the tree and went with Zaccheus to his house that day, amazing.

The convictions of Zaccheus was so deep he was willing to give half of his riches away and if he had defrauded anyone he was more than willing to pay 4x’s back. This is what true contrition, humility and repentance looks like.

The rich young ruler walked away sad from Jesus because he couldn’t bare the thought of departing from his possessions and he’s in Hell today where his money can NEVER deliver him, but Zaccheus today is in paradise with Jesus because Jesus said to him “today salvation has come to this house”.

You can’t serve God and money, fear God and repent.

Written by Michael Mensah  

Christian Patriots  

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