Photo Credit: Markus Knigge
Photo Credit: Markus Knigge

PHOENIX, Ariz. — Newly-released audio footage of a 911 call from an Arizona abortion facility reveals that a child who had been scheduled for an abortion was breathing and moving after exiting the womb.

The incident occurred in February at Family Planning Associates in Phoenix, Arizona, operated by abortionist Edward Allred.

The child’s 27-year-old mother had arrived to complete the abortion of her 21-week-old (5 month old) baby, which is “legal” under Arizona law. She had taken an abortifacient two days prior as per the facility’s instructions, which was to have stopped the child’s heartbeat.

However, the baby survived the medicinal stage of the abortion, and the mother went into labor as the surgical procedure began.

Written by Heather Clark  

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