What is the answer to the end game of the transgender movement which picking up momentum at light speed? The transgender movement is predicated upon tolerance and the fact that transgenders are a protected and special class whose rights supersede straight couples.

To fully understand what the movement is after it is important to go back in time re-examine similar movements in order to see how we have arrived where we are at today.

The Gay Movement

What used to be a civil rights issue, has become a defense of civilization issue. When the gay movement clicked into high gear, most Americans were willing to state that gays should not be denied basic civil rights (e.g. not being fired for being gay, not being denied housing for the same). In fact the movement really picked up steam when various organizations like the NBA began doing PSA’s on not using the word gay as an insult.

Here is former NBA star, Grant Hill, admonishing teens to not use the word gay in a derogatory manner.

The Gay Movement Turns Militant

The gay movement was not satisfied with gaining inviolate civil rights based upon sexual preference, the leadership of the movement soon wanted to everyone to believe as they did. They further believed that our children should be indoctrinated into this “preferred” life-style. Some school districts demanded attention be paid to being gay in classes as early elementary school.

Some in the gay movement adopted a George Soros mentality toward the subject as they began to harass Christian wedding suppliers (e.g. food and photography). If these Christian organizations refused to provide service based on their religious beliefs, they were sued. And all too often the liberal courts sided with the gays. So, it was not enough that being gay was a protected class, the leaders of the movement expected everyone to believe as they did in this Invasion of the Body Snatchers approach to sexual preference indoctrination.

Even our leaders at the highest level used the resources of the people to glorify the gay lifestyle without any corresponding reference to the Biblical straight life-style.

Taxpayer money used to promote one lifestyle over another. Yet, these are the same people that will try and stop Christmas nativity scenes because it uses taxpayer money.

The Transgender Movement

The transgender movement is something that I have given a great deal of attention to in recent weeks onThe Common Sense Show. Without belaboring the points previously made, suffice it to say that the following areas have been covered in detail on this site.

  1. Obama is trying to make it legal to demand that every restroom in America is a transgender restroom.
  2. Canada is implementing legislation making it a crime, punishable by two years, for insulting transgenders or the restroom movement.
  3. Other legislation that elevates transgender rights above and beyond other sexual preference groupings.

The Intermediate Goal of the Transgender Movement

Since the dawn of civilization, humanity has abided by the precept of marriage being between one man and one woman. Almost all restrooms throughout the history man were divided between male and female.

For almost 2000 years traditional religion was guided by heterosexual precepts. And now, inside of one short generation, every aspect of tradition society is being turned on its ear. In fact it could be said that the transgender movement is demanding that all glorify their movement and all must embrace their “unique” manner of living.

Famed sociologist, Amatai Etzioni, once said “the family can exist without the state, but the state can never exist without the family.

As I have covered before, the transgenders have invented unique names for various and emerging genders (e.g. Hirs) and they are demanding that we conform. This is about destroying civilization as this philosophy removes the family as the building block of society.


The transgender movement is about the destruction of the family and family values in particular, Christian family values. This will lessen the population and the stage can be set for the 95% reduction in global population.

The achievement of the final LGBT goals is nearing completion. However, as I have discovered, the attainment of LGBT goals is merely subgoal. The real goal lies within the tenets of transhumanism.  LBGT is a setup for the ultimate goal, transhumanism.

In my next article, the reader will clearly see that all LGBT roads leads to transhumanism. The final results are stunning and the origins of this plot will stun most Bible-believing Christians.

Written by Dave Hodges  

The Common Sense Show  

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