How can anyone ever conclude that God is NOT a God of Grace, Forgiveness and Love? When we say God is Holy and perfect, the truth is, He has no sin or any imperfections at all. Think with me, this being the case and fact with God, when all humanity is compared to Him we all miss the mark and fall short horribly because we are all sinners and FAR from perfect.

Our Holy and Perfect God Elohim in the beginning did NOT create the universe and mankind in the cursed condition it’s in today, no, ALL was perfect, good and when He made man He said “This is VERY good”.

So what happenned? When SIN was committed by man through the deception of Lucifer the fallen Angel, all perpetual perfection and goodness of man was gone, the universe and everything in it was then cursed by God and Adam and Eve were evicted from the garden of Eden which was paradise because The Holy and Perfect God CANNOT condone sin, that would be sin on His part, so God being so righteous, He did the right thing by showing His perfect justice, He pronounced and caused sinners to die due to sin.

On the other hand, He was so filled with compassion and love for mankind that He granted us GRACE by sending us His One and Only begotten Son Jesus Christ to receive in His body the FULL punishment from The Father through wicked men both Jews and Gentiles for our SINS in order to once again reconcile us back to God Elohim.

God who is righteous cannot live with our unrighteousness, so He transferred our sins unto Jesus Christ like the scapegoat on the cross which was why Jesus ordeal was so unimaginable and Horrific, but Jesus also being fully God, death couldn’t hold Him as it does typical man even till this day, but on the 3rd day for the 1st time in history Jesus Christ resurrected and defeated sin and death once and for all.

So my friends, if you are still alive and reading this, that means the grace of God is working in you and you need to repent from your sins by trusting in the complete sacrificial work of Jesus Christ, God is angry with the wicked everyday so dont let it be too late for you. Jesus rising from the grave was to let us know that we will in due time rise out of the grave to live forever with Him in perfect peace, righteousness, holiness and obedience to God because of Him and NEVER to sin again. By the way, we did NOTHING to deserve this LOVE and KINDNESS, it was ALL the work of our Triune God, FEAR GOD AND REPENT.

Written by Michael Mensah  

Christian Patriots  

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