Phillipians 4:6- Be anxious for NOTHING, but in EVERYTHING by PRAYER and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be MADE KNOWN to God.

Prayer in the daily life a believer in Jesus Christ should be like breathing, no one looks at the clock and says “oh it’s 3pm, I gotta breath”.

We pray to God because He’s the SOURCE of our life, it was He who created us and blew in us the breath of life, the whole world should be seeking God.

Notice the verse above says in EVERYTHING BY PRAYER? My friends, let us stop coming to God ONLY when the going get’s tuff neither should our communion with Him be a ritualistic one because God is a PERSON 3 PERSONS (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) not a dead idol or a powerless demonic shrine. Jesus was the best example of someone praying about EVERYTHING.

Jesus never got caught up or distracted by the things of this world, He separated Himself frequently from the crowds and His own disciples to pray to The Father, He prayed before He and His disciples ate, He prayed by thanking God frequently for EVERYTHING, He taught His disciples how to PROPERLY pray, He rebuked the religous leaders for their hypocritical, gibberish, repetitious and attention seeking empty prayers.

Believers, there is nothing to worry about in Christ except for our lack of self control and the buffeting of the flesh but even in this we PRAY and abide in Christ and walk in constant repentance. There is MUCH to pray about, if Jesus is truly our LORD and Savior then that means we have a personal relationship with Him, He knows us and we know Him, He knows our voice and we know His so as the scripture says, PRAY WITHOUT CEASING, not hypocritically but with a pure and a genuine heart.

God is for us, and if you believe this to be so then you have NOTHING to be anxious about because no one and NOTHING can ever be against us, EVER, in Christ we are more than conquerers. Satan doesn’t fear us He fears Jesus Christ so pray to God as much as you breath His air and seek the LORD’S counsel always, God bless, FEAR GOD AND REPENT.

Written by Michael Mensah  

Christian Patriots  

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