Phillipians [4:11]- Not that I (Paul) speak from want (he didn’t need anything from them), for I have LEARNED to be CONTENT (fully satisfied) in WHATEVER circumstances I am.

See the small flat round rock in the palm of my hand there, I came accross it on my way to throw the trash out today. The dumpster is maybe 100 steps away perhaps a slight bit further, so to keep my feet occupied other than walking I decided to kick it little by little toward where I was going. In the process I learned a great deal about being content and enduring in any circumstance.

See, whenever I kicked the rock, because of it’s flat and round shape it didn’t always land where I aimed it. At first it landed next to another rock which was more full in size and looked like it would roll better if I kicked it, then it dawned on me that I started with this small flat round rock, it hadn’t fallen into the sewer or gone totally beyond reach so let me end with what I started with and not give up on it so easily.

I then kept it up with my original flat and round Rock avoiding the temptation of the other rock. As I kept kicking the rock it would in bounce into the wet grass and other awkward places where I would get tempted to leave it behind and start off with a new and better rock but I stayed focused on the small flat and round rock.

This rock and I, though we went through our little trials and somewhat tribulations made it to the dumpster and back to square one where it all started.

My encouragement to you reading is, TRUST GOD, no matter how your situation looks like, remember that faith without works is dead, if you trust in the LORD then act on that trust and The LORD Jesus Christ in His own providence will see you through. Learn also how to be content and how to endure through trials, Don’t cut corners or give up no matter the temptations, if you are a servant of Jesus Christ,  ENDURE and be CONTENT no matter your position or situation.

Fear God and repent, Christ will be glorified, grace and peace.

Written by Michael Mensah

Christian Patriots  

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