John [8:44]- Ye (Religous leaders) are of YOUR FATHER the DEVIL (Lucifer), and the lusts of YOUR FATHER ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning (Cain killing his innocent brother Abel), and abode (lived) not in the truth, because THERE IS NO TRUTH IN him. When he speaketh a LIE, he (Satan) speaketh of his own(natural to him): for HE IS A LIAR, and the FATHER of it.

Jesus NEVER bit His tongue. How could He when He is God the Son and The Man of TRUTH, it was Him who said “I AM The Truth”. These religous leaders was suppose to be representing TRUTH yet when the TRUTH of God (Jesus Christ) came they attributed Christ divine works to Beelzebub (Satan) their father who bathes in lies. So Jesus had no choice but to pull their hypocritical card in front of everyone as it will be on judgment day for the wicked unbelievers.

Now, we are living in a time when lies and liars are getting real bold. They make their lies public forcing everyone to except the lie which sounds like a eerie precursor to the works of the coming man of sin the Antichrist.

If anyone can believe that a man can be transformed into a women or vice versa then the spirit of antichrist is at work heavy and you’re being deceived. God is not the author of confusion the bible says, and this is a clear confusion and we who condone and encourage these things aught to be very afraid becsuse God will be the dreadful judge as He was in Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding cities when He rained down fire and brimstone and incinerated them all ashes.

Beware of the lies, not just about the confused men being with men and women being with women marrying one another and cross dressing, beware of those who live a life of lying about everything else, the fate of liars is not pretty, observe:

Revelation 21:8- But the fearful (those ashamed to identify with Christ and His words), and unbelieving( rejecters of Christ), and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers (all forms of sexual sins), and sorcerers (Greek word here is Pharmakia similar to pharmacy meaning drug abusers), and idolaters(worshipers of other gods beside the One and Only True God), and ALL LIARS, shall have THEIR PART in the LAKE which BURNETH with FIRE and BRIMSTONE: which is the SECOND DEATH (1st death is when you physically die here on earth).

Save yourself from this crooked and perverse generation by running to Jesus Christ in complete faith, what have you done that He can’t forgive? Nothing, He will forgive the soul who fears Him and shows a contrite heart, those whom God the Father brings to Jesus Christ He will never turn away, cry out to Him today and He will make you a brand new creature inside and out. Today is the day of salvation, fear God and repent.

Written by Michael Mensah

Christian Patriots

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