To my friends and colleagues in the Independent Media, the following revelation is extremely simplistic. However, we have reached a time in the present course of events, that the general public, who is fast becoming an important source of information, needs to be minimally educated about the general nature on how we in the media frequently reach conclusions for the stories that we write and how we ascribe credibility.

In my work with both the general public’s anecdotal observations that they share with the Quayles’ and the Hagmanns’ of the intelligence reporting world, to the direct revelations of insider sources, the art form known as intelligence gathering is complex and takes special skill to accumulate into an intelligible story or event.

Open Source vs. Closed Source Information

The world of intelligence gathering is a very complex process. Some people in the world of intelligence gathering, to be used a data/trend fathering tool is also not a perfect science. However, there are some elements of the process that one can generally count on.

With regard to intelligence information, called open source intelligence information, is readily available to the public, if one knows where to look and how to interpret data in a current context as well an historical context. Although nobody knows for sure, but open source information may account for as much as 75 to 80% of all intelligence information. In this regard many of us in the media, who work this side of the street for data, will evaluate reasonable sounding intelligence information which is grass roots (i.e. anecdotal). With the advent of the Internet, open source information is becoming increasingly timely and accurate. In fact, Steve Quayle even created his “Q-Alerts” page with regard to this phenomenon and many of the revelations have led to stories of importance.

Many times when I am approached by a person with critical information, they will refer me to open source intelligence information in order to stay out trouble by not revealing classified information that is not publicly available. Some will use open source information to validate the unauthorized release of “protected” information as well.

The hardest part about intelligence information, other than vetting the intelligence source and the existence of possible ulterior motives connected to the release of information, is the connecting of dots and trying to establish a time frame for what is coming based upon what is already known.

Why am I revealing this very small broad brush information? Because I believe that our American political events are so fluid and in some cases so dangerous, that anyone with any persistence and desire will stumble upon open source intelligence information which could prove valuable in terms of exposure to stop the event, or to predict where an event is headed.

The average person does not have the background, experience or know-how to decipher these events. Therefore, it is critical that the Internet become alive with information that can be used by people with the experience to validate and distribute the information, often as a preventative measure based upon exposure.

This process of using anecdotal information works so well that every totalitarian government pays “snitch” fees to its citizens for information leading to arrest of political dissidents. We, in the Independent Media need to take advantage of the millions of news eyes coming on to the battleground of information.

In America, we are experiencing a change in consciousness because of the Trump campaign. Millions have come to realize that we are being ruled by a banking mafia who cares nothing about the country and the people who inhabit our country. The banking mafia is inextricably intertwined with our top military brass, executive branch leaders and most importantly, the alphabet soup intelligence agencies. If you want to know what the major threats are to your way of life and even longevity, gaining closed and open sourced intelligence information is critical to that end.

As an individual trying to determine how serious is the coming threats to you and your family, please realize that the undeterred goal of the criminal elite is to maximize profits, gain social and political power and to protect these profits by seizing the centers of power for the purposes of protecting future profits.

It is along these lines, that I bring the reader following examples of what has been written here:

A Holocaust in the Making

There are two consistent themes that are dominating critical information in the Independent Media and they are GUN CONFISCATION AND FEMA CAMP INCARCERATION FOR POLITICAL DISSIDENTS.

Both of these connected events must be employed by the criminal elite before they can remove the last strong country in preparation for rolling in the New World Order. America is a nation consisting of 150 million gun owners with 300 million guns. This is an obstacle that the criminal elite must immediately attend to. FEMA camp incarcerations is an intimidating move designed to get gun owners to capitulate before being sent away to the camps.

Sources of Information

Paul Martin is a loyal and trusted friend and colleague. He has, in the past, provided me with information, allegedly primary, closed source data of a general nature. The purpose of Paul’s disclosure is to allow the media the opportunity to validate the information with publicly available intelligence information.

Yesterday, Paul communicated to me that our time of not being under martial is very short. He was advised by his covert, primary source to carry supplies and protection if one was going to travel in their car, farther than they could walk home. He was also told that based on troop movements, etc., that July could prove to a decisive time in this regard. For the purpose of this illustration, I will consider the Martin revelation to be closed and classified information.

Is there any way to begin to prove/disprove Paul Martin’s source?

First, the source has established credibility. He previously reported that banks were experiencing bank liquidity issues and people could begin to have trouble gaining access to their money. Within the last month, I have 43 anecdotal accounts from citizens who have trouble withdrawing moderate amounts of cash from their bank. I am one of these anecdotal sources. Secondly, I published a story about how the new Goldman Sachs online bankis going to usher in bail-ins (open source intelligence information). I knew that the reports of bail-ins are likely, because restricting cash outflow would become a prerequisite to bail-ins because the criminal elite would want all cash under their control. This also goes hand in hand with my previous reports of G20 money policies which declare your money to the property of the bank when you deposit your money into what you erroneously through was your bank account. In a connecting the dot exercise, bank bail-ins would likely be a prerequisite to civil unrest and the need for martial law. As an aside, I feel compelled to state that these event speak to the need to buy storage food and precious metal as a hedge to your soon-to-be-gone cash in your bank accounts.

Yesterday, I wrote an article where I compared the fact that Australian leaders are employing soldiers from Singapore to employ martial law in the same manner that the US is preparing to do with the United Nations with regard to the UN Small Arms Treaty, illegally signed by Kerry, as well as the Strong Cities Initiative in which 192 American cities are being turned into 192 cities under UN control. All of the documents associated with the UN takeover of the US, are open source information documents, which are readily available to the public.

What about the FEMA camps? Despite the denials, the FEMA camps are the worst kept secret and Paul’s source is correct in that these facilities will be used to house dissident Americans (see FM 39.4 as one of a dozen examples of open source information).

What about gun confiscation that Paul Martin’s source alluded to in the near future? If nothing else, the UN Small Arms Treaty  (open source documents) brings this point home. And certainly foreign troops will do the job that American troops will not do.I would say that Paul Martin’s source deserves strong consideration for his claims.


In short, we need an Army of reporters in order to prepare for, or counter what is coming. My hope is that this document will help improve some of the reporting skills in to more usable data. In the next several days, I am going to be publishing a number of stories which highlight these points.

Written by Dave Hodges 

The Common Sense Show  

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